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Read what our customers are saying about our Technical Support

Academic Book Services

"I reviewed, in detail, several leading iSeries web application development tools, and query tools to modernize our iSeries applications. I'm very conservative and detest risks and surprises... I like software that works. I selected WebSmart, Nexus Portal, and Clover from BCD. These integrated products have set the standard from which all others should be judged.

The software works well, the support is tremendous, and the sales people are knowledgeable. The decision to use BCD products is one of the biggest no-brainers a CIO can make."

Gary Stewart

IBSA, Inc.

"I canít say enough about WebSmartís support. Every time we call, we get unbelievable support, along with a friendly person to work with us. I also love that you have a person answering your phone, not a machine. I would recommend your WebSmart any day."

Jeffrey Millard


"The persistence of the staff"

Rex Reese


"As always the BCD technician was very polite and professional and responded to my questions in a very timely manner."

Steve Harper

Stanley Furniture

"I am very impressed by your Tech Support. It is wonderful to work with support personnel who treat you with respect and courtesy. I wish all software vendors and solution providers had a Tech Support like yours!"

Tammy Joice

Lamps Plus

"I had an issue regarding the setup of the Apache server. I understand that it's not BCD Tech Support's job to support the Apache server, Stephanie worked hard on solving my problem. I realize it's in the best interest of BCD to make sure the server is working but I could have easily been steered to IBM. Instead, Stephanie helped me with my problem. You still have the best support in the industry!"

Chuck Ackerman

Celebrity International

"He was very knowledgeable, courteous, and seemed like he genuinely wanted to help."

Doug Forbes

Intrac Systems

"Iíve come to the conclusion that you must have a Prozac dispenser in your technical support office, as everyone that I have spoke to thus far, are the nicest, easiest going support folks I have EVER dealt with, and Iíve dealt with quite a few."

Fred Crawford

Bard Manufacturing

"Whenever I have issues or questions, BCD always addresses them in a timely manner. I never have to talk with machines, go through armies of people to get support, or stay on hold for long. Not only is BCD's support team knowledgeable about the products, they are all personable and have a good sense of humor. I always leave the discussion with answers and a smile."

Allen Flynn

Century Letter Company

"Once again, your techs are top notch. I wish all other tech supports were as good and quick as yours."

Chris Kane

Allied Mineral Products

"BCD's support team is very patient, courteous and knowledgable of WebSmart. Every support call is an excellent experience and I'm always satisfied with their solutions."

Emmanuel Kaodiechi

French Gerleman

"I am a casual user. I was very pleased that your support staff doesn't make me feel like "I should have know that", even with a simple question."

Don Wagner

Bauer Built

"As usual, your people were very friendly, prompt and helpful. You have about the best support line we've experienced."

Don McElroy

Farmers Mutual Insurance

"WebSmart is the product that IBM SHOULD have bundled with the iSeries in 1999. It is highly productive with a short learning curve and gives you all the tools you need to easily program for the World Wide Web."

Weems Hutto

City of Bend

"I have always had a great experience when contacting BCD support, this was no exception to that. I have worked with Marc on several occasions and have always felt like he knew exactly what he was doing, and he has always been very courteous."

Scott Reece

Liebovich Steel

"BCD has one of the best technical support groups I have dealt with in over 20 years in a technical field. I can't think of anything they should change to make the group more effective. Everyone I have spoken with has taken the time to use GoToMeeting and understand my issue prior to making suggestions."

Jamie Flanary

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America

"I researched thoroughly for the best iSeries web development solution for Mitsubishi Fuso (MFTA) and narrowed it to there. We have 3 full-time 20+ year RPG staff and wanted to retain them.

In short, the first product was too complicated, the second was too top-heavy... the third was WebSmart. BCD said they could show it to me but I could download and understand it too. Yeah, Right !!! I thought.

I was amazed! I did understand it. I finished a small project in two days. I also evaluated BCD's Tech support - and their knowledge, pride in product and customer attitude, proved this was a "fit". I made the right choice with BCD and WebSmart. We're on track with our project and having lots of fun getting there."

Susan Defrance

Gate Petroleum

"Your Support group has ALWAYS been best-of-breed in my book. I have rarely had a question or problem that wasnít resolved on the first call; and when it did take more, I have always been overwhelmed with the attention we get. You should be very proud of your staff, and your management should be very proud of all of you. Good support is hard to find these days!!!

Chris Hoyle

Maitland Smith U.S.A.

"All the BCD technical support representatives are excellent. Any time I need support for anything, I just e-mail my questing and help is on the way within a few seconds. This is important to me as I am a RPG programmer that is transferring my skills to HTML/PML and server side applications. Without the support I would not be advancing as fast as I am. Thanks again for all your help."

Lloyd Caldwell

Zany Brainy

"Being able to look at my PC helps a lot and makes it quicker. Very friendly and helpful!"

Felix Cartagena

Brown and Bigelow

"BCD's support team has been terrific. Each person we've dealt with has been knowledgeable, prompt, and patient."

Herb Hemenway

Lamps Plus

"WebSmart is the fastest, easiest to use development tool available today, and it keeps getting better. I believe the availability of WebSmart on the AS400 will significantly increase AS400 utilization and purchases over the next several years. WebSmart is an extremely fast, flexible, comprehensive and fun programming and development tool."

Bill Hicks

J. Martin and Associates

"I wanted to let you know of the excellent WebSmart PHP support Iíve received from Bill and Kim. Theyíve shown excellent technical knowledge and solved any problems or questions in a timely manner. BCDís Support is one of the best Iíve had over the 45 years Iíve been in this business!"

James Martin

Associated Spring Raymond

"This it the fourth company I have recommended the purchase of ProGen as a programming tool. It has been fantastic, especially to quickly add window to existing program."

Stan Zupan

Bay School District

"Kris actually signed in to our system and did the research himself. I was ready willing and able to do the legwork, but Kris was eager to make this easy for me."

Bruce Clark

King Koil

"I have just started using the WebSmart product and have found it to be very easy to learn. Like with any language, it takes time to master but with things like the code examples, great documentation and online help, not to mention technical support, I look forward to being able to shorten the time it takes to get applications from design to production. Being a one person shop, this is a real boost for me. Thank you."

Jimmy Vann

Clark Material Handling Company

"You and the rest of the BCD team have one of the best and most responsive support teams I have ever encountered in 25+ years in IT."

Jeff Rose

County of Durham

"Yours is the only technical support site that signs onto our machine and thoroughly reviews the matter - always with great results."

Carmen Giggey

Totes Isotoner Corporation

"Outstanding customer service and follow through, literally the best I've ever dealt with. Excellent technical skills and easy to talk to. Your whole crew is great."

Matt Fette

Okaloosa School Board

"There is ALWAYS a willingness on [BCD Tech Support] part to spend whatever time it takes to resolve the issue."

Randy Shipman

United Agricultural Benefit Trust

"When I called BCD's tech support, I got assistance immediately even though I did not have an appointment scheduled. This is excellent customer service."

Ken Hatton


"Incredible professionalism, knowledge and patience from every rep I speak too. BCD has saved me countless hours of troubleshooting."

Michael John

Lustig Glaser and Wilson

"As usual, always very helpful, very friendly, wanting to make sure that everything was resolved."

Wayne Matthews

Signet Armorlite

"BCD Tech Support is by far the best of any vendor we work with. Besides great products, the support we receive from BCD is always prompt, courteous, patient, and capable. BCD maintenance is the only vendor maintenance I don't mind paying."

Anders Roede

CertainTeed Gypsum

"Iím really impressed with your technical support, in fact, itís fabulous. It is by far second to none. In those instances when I ran into a snag or had a question and called your support line, everyone I spoke to has always been able to answer my questions either immediately or in a reasonable amount of time. At times, my questions had nothing to do with WebSmart PHP and they helped me anyway."

Bob Boychuk

Gift Box Corporation

"I love Catapult. It is easy to use and the Customer Service and Technical teams are excellent. Using the email feature has saved us time and money on paper and phone bills."

Kay Nacht

Formica Corporation

I canít say enough about the support your staff provides. In our ten year partnership, I canít recall a single call to your technical support staff that wasnít answered immediately by a knowledgeable staff member who owned the issue, and worked it through to resolution. Without a doubt, BCD has the best technical support staff Iíve ever worked with!"

David von Haefen

Kwik Trip Inc.

"Always very personable, easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the products."

Tom Colbert

Ouachita Baptist University

"BCD has the best technical support in the industry. A real person answers the phone, they speak my language, and they generally know the answer without having to escalate the case. If they do have to check further, they always follow up with me in a timely manner."

Bill Phelps

EBusiness Solution Pros Inc.

"One of the best phone supports I've experienced. The issue was very unique and Marc was able to use his resources and resolve our issue very quickly."

Dwayne Miller

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