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On this page you will find examples of programs created with BCD software. To download the code for these examples you must first log in to If you do not have a user ID for myFrescheSolutions you can click the Request an account link on the logon page. You can use these examples as ideas of how to use our tools, or as building blocks to create your own applications.. Click the example title to see the program run.

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# Program Type
360 Creating a chart with WebSmart ILE PML
359 Multi-Series Graph using WebSmart PHP and SmartCharts PHP
356 SmartCharts Drill Down Example PHP
355 Retrieving 2 SmartChart data sets in one request using PHP PHP
354 Responsive Presto - Nested Grids Video! Presto
353 Responsive Presto - Working with Grids Video! Presto
352 Installation of the Presto IBM i component Video! Presto
351 Installation of the Presto Designer Video! Presto
350 How to create a partial text search with ProGen Plus Video! ProGen
347 Highlight the row in focus as you navigate a table with arrow up/down keys Presto
346 How to rename fields in the ProGen repository. Video! ProGen
344 Print a report with page breaks and the header on every page. PML
343 Creating a Multi Series Chart using a date matrix file Video! Clover
342 How to create a CSV file with Clover. Video! Clover
341 Single Series Clover Chart Video! Clover
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