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On this page you will find examples of programs created with BCD software. To download the code for these examples you must first log in to If you do not have a user ID for myFrescheSolutions you can click the Request an account link on the logon page. You can use these examples as ideas of how to use our tools, or as building blocks to create your own applications.. Click the example title to see the program run.

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# Program Type
4 Access Server Variables PML
5 Validate a name and email address using PML. PML
10 Validate number of checkboxes checked JavaScript
11 Validate number of checkboxes checked PML
12 Filter record listings. PML
13 Filter records according to book price using SQL SQL
17 Convert a 400 file to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using SQL SQL
21 Allow different access to the program depending on login. PML
23 Search for a field using SQL SQL
25 Create a plot graph based on data in a file and also displays the details. PML
26 Attach a Random Number or Timestamp to a Link PML
29 Expand or Collapse a Menu. JavaScript
32 Automatically positions a drop down box and populates a field when you type a letter. JavaScript
38 Creating printer friendly pages using Style Sheets HTML
42 Check for a smurf and redirect to the login page if it isn't there. PML
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