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On this page you will find examples of programs created with BCD software. To download the code for these examples you must first log in to If you do not have a user ID for myFrescheSolutions you can click the Request an account link on the logon page. You can use these examples as ideas of how to use our tools, or as building blocks to create your own applications.. Click the example title to see the program run.

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# Program Type
343 Creating a Multi Series Chart using a date matrix file Creating a Multi Series Chart using a date matrix file Video! Clover
342 How to create a CSV file with Clover. How to create a CSV file with Clover. Video! Clover
341 Single Series Clover Chart In this Video Kim walks through creating a Single Series chart program using Clover. Video! Clover
318 Dynamically Generated Checkboxes This example illustrates how to dynamically generate checkboxes from an iSeries file to use as filters in a report. Clover
291 Create custom query in Clover This sample shows you how to create complex custom query in Clover and bypassing the wizard steps. Clover
268 Format numeric data in Excel using Microsoft format codes Format numeric data in Excel using Microsoft's numeric formatting codes Clover
228 Clover Dynamic Dropdown Dynamically populate a dropdown and filter the Clover results Clover
222 Create Excel spread sheets with dynamic formulas. How to design a Clover based Excel spread sheet that includes formulas for both a sum of a column and for a product of two values. Clover
190 Changing your Graph Font, Font Size and Colors How to change the Font Style of the Chart Legend in a Multi-Set Graph Clover
178 Export to Spreadsheet From a Report Add a link to download a report as a spreadsheet file. Clover
162 Print Reports with Headers on Page Breaks This example shows how to format a Clover report for printing. Clover
131 Clicking a Bar for Details in a New Window If you click on a bar in the graph, a new program is opened in a new window, giving order details for the customer you clicked on. This functionality can be extended to other graph types as well. Clover
130 Set the Graph Bar Color Based on the Column Value You can specify the color of your bars programmatically. In this case the bar is red if the number of orders for the customer is 20 or greater, green if 13 or less and lastly yellow for values in between. Also added are colored trendlines to show these breaking points. Clover
127 Email Clover Report View the orders for a specific customer. Then enter an email address into the respective textbox and click 'Send Email' to email the report. Clover
120 Clover programs that work together to drill down This example shows three clover programs that communicate together to drill down from general categories to more specific items until you get a report of the information you want. Clover
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