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KB No. KB Entry Description Product
15828 How can I hide an entire row on a Presto page? Presto
15826 What to do when you get Trial Key Expired and how to get a temporary key for your products? Support Library
15825 WebSmart compiles fail due to files not being found, yet I can see them on the green screen in the correct library? WebSmart ILE
15824 Libraries and Files are not found in WebSmart after upgrade WebSmart ILE
15823 Will WebSmart remember my custom functions and service programs after an upgrade? WebSmart ILE
15822 XAN4LOAD iASP installation process X-Analysis
15820 How can I remove or change the branding/label Smartchart Demo on the JavaScript based SmartChart graphs in WebSmart, Clover or Presto? SmartCharts
15819 AutoComplete that displays more info than the field value Presto
15790 How do I enable authentication for accessing Newlook server's settings pages? Newlook
15789 How can I pass parameters when starting a session with Newlook server? Newlook
15788 How can I create multiple Newlook server instances on the same Windows Server? Newlook
15787 Paging down through nll files using Newlook Server does not cause the screen to update. Newlook