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KB No. KB Entry Description Product
16124 Why do I see the message: Warning: License Server is not running. Please start the XL_LCSRV/LICSRV subsystem. Presto
16123 How can I bypass the normal IBM signon screen when connecting with Newlook? Newlook
16119 Where can I find the XA-Open refresh log? X-Analysis
16120 How can I Catapult data directly from a Physical File or Table and email it as a CSV file? Catapult
16117 Some users are having trouble logging into Presto and and getting a session terminated message when Presto is running in it's own subsystem. Presto
16116 Where is the Alternate Data Library option? X-Analysis
16115 How can I upload unlimited Newlook host licenses? Newlook
16114 When trying to print my current screen from within Smartclient using Ctrl+P the screen appears very small on the printed page. Newlook
16113 How do I troubleshoot Openlook issues? Newlook
16112 What do the different Timeout Settings do in Presto? Presto
16109 Variable where used option from X-Analysis client has been running for 2 hours X-Analysis
16103 Creating a repository from client fails with library XAOBJXXXXX not found X-Analysis