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KB No. KB Entry Description Product
16178 How to add sorting functionality to your tables Presto
16177 How to send an email to value on input after clicking a link Presto
16174 Identifying files that have the value for a field automatically generated by an identity X-Analysis
16172 How to add an image to the last page of a Catapult rule for a terms and conditions page or a signature X-Analysis
16171 How to select multiple rows in a subfile and submit the panel with options on selected rows Presto
16168 How do I exclude objects from my X-Analysis repository X-Analysis
16164 Why is the Nexus Login API not returning successful when I know the User Id and Password are correct? Nexus
16163 Issue with source scan on 13.1 X-Analysis
16162 Receiving a "Unexpected Disconnect" message Newlook
16161 How to hide the browser toolbars for Presto Presto
16159 Finding all the columns in a file that use an identity to generate a value X-Analysis
16158 When launching an Openlook enabled screen, it disconnects the session right away. Newlook