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KB No. KB Entry Description Product
15853 After upgrading to WebSmart 11.6 and recompiling my program, sendmailex stopped working. WebSmart ILE
15852 After using different monitors with my laptop, the WebSmart Change Management (WCM) window is missing after I try to open it. WebSmart ILE
15851 How to make a Show All tab which shows all elements assigned to any tab Presto
15850 Internet Explorer is not working accessing our FTP site for X-Analysis X-Analysis
15849 How to delete a repository from XA-Open, including deleting the database from the DB2 software X-Analysis
15848 File being referenced in a program but there is no file definition in the program X-Analysis
15847 Is it possible to query on parameters in and out of programs with type and length, for regular and prototyped calls? X-Analysis
15845 Is it possible to be in a Synon Model while the X2E Repository is being built? X-Analysis
15844 Can Multiple SVN repositories be in an XA-Open repository? X-Analysis
15843 Can a project be added to an existing XA-Open repository? X-Analysis
15842 How can you manage the text selection for the diagram exclusion? X-Analysis
15841 Steps run when selecting the Reengineer Program option for RPG free X-Analysis