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KB No. KB Entry Description Product
16084 How can I initialize a cross-reference library in batch with a scheduled job, instead of through XREFMENU? X-Analysis
16083 What can I do when my X-Analysis installation has failed? X-Analysis
16082 Can I write data to a file in QTEMP from within a Presto session? Presto
16081 Can't change authority level for a specific user for an ECM folder. Nexus
16079 Presto Hub jobs not ending when browser closed after Chrome update v.73.0.3683.103 Presto
16078 Getting a really long text area field on some (menu) screens Presto
16076 How to apply the original override when host application has changed a screen? Newlook
16075 How to upgrade to newlook version 10? Newlook
16074 How to set up WebSmart so you can add MSSQL and DB2 tables to the same program. WebSmart ILE
16073 Printing a portion of the screen from Presto Presto
16071 Can I start multiple sessions in one browser for newlook server? Newlook
16068 How to remove version 9 newlook licenses permanently? Newlook