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KB No. KB Entry Description Product
16368 How can tell which Catapult rules are using which Catapult Distribution Groups? Catapult
16367 Upgrading X-Analysis to V13.1.0 when an iASP is involved could cause warnings X-Analysis
16366 Unable to send mail with sendmailex()? Here's how to confirm whether it's due to WebSmart or the IBM i's connection to the mail server. WebSmart ILE
16365 How to fix JSON errors when using the new Presto Admin interface in a non-North American system/IBM i using Presto 8.3 / 8.4 Presto
16364 Steps to return back to backup of XAPROD after a General release installation. X-Analysis
16362 How to have dynamic libraries and tables on an SQL query and export the resulting data to excel Presto
16361 Why do saving certain documents take a long time or fail? Presto
16360 An X-Analysis Refresh or Initialization is required to see effects of changes to Source Archiving. X-Analysis
16359 Windows 7 support expiration January 14, 2020 Support Library
16357 Possible cause for X-Analysis Structure chart boxes being to small X-Analysis
16355 How do inactive Openlook related jobs get cleared out? Newlook
16354 How to change the text for the automatic Page Up/Page Down subfile buttons Presto