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KB No. KB Entry Description
16032 File-Flash Plus Updates History
16031 Docu-Mint Updates History
10240 I'm running a WWU (Work Where Used) command over an object and in my results I see references to libraries that no longer exist, and am getting 'program not found on system' messages. How can I purge these?
9884 I'm running the WRKWHRUSE report on an object and the report isn't showing a usage that I know and can confirm exists. How can I resolve this?
9599 How much space will Docu-Mint occupy on my iSeries?
9298 What are the basic steps for using Docu-Mint?
8825 Does Docu-Mint support COBOL?
8276 Why does Docu-Mint's WWU command not offer the view of objects or files I am expecting?
8027 I'm using the WWU command to display file usage in my programs. However, the results are incomplete. What could be happening?
7695 I need to install the latest version of Docu-Mint for the first time. Where can I find the current installation instructions?
7686 I want to remove Docu-Mint from my iSeries. How can I completely uninstall the software?
6706 How do I run Docu-Mint in a System 36 environment?