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KB No. KB Entry Description
15820 How can I remove or change the branding/label Smartchart Demo on the JavaScript based SmartChart graphs in WebSmart, Clover or Presto?
15367 Creating a chart on a Presto screen using JavaScript and the FusionCharts API
14988 How can I alter the default colors and font sizes for a Clover Smartchart?
10094 Frequently used options for Pie 3D charts
10053 How to add debugging to SmartCharts
10043 How to see the XML data set that SmartChart uses to build a graph
10041 Frequently used options for Column 3D charts
10021 How to get SmartCharts on non-Flash devices
9415 How can I Change color of the dots(anchors) in a SmartCharts line graph.
9127 How can I easily change the colors in my mulit-set charts and graphs with SmartCharts V2.6 or WebSmart v8.8
9091 My SmartCharts aren't being displayed. If I right click on the area where the chart should be I see the message "Movie not loaded".
8863 Where can I find Smartchart documentation for gauge, pyramid, bubble, funnel and cylinder charts?