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KB No. KB Entry Description
17105 When Generating a Clover or WebSmart program, the message box is stuck on Generating, please wait.
17098 WebSmart returns invalid or expired key messages even when there is a valid perm key or generic temp key involved.
17096 The WebSmart IDE crashes when it tries to download the compile listing and joblog.
17059 How can I put the Clear (X) icon back in my input fields of type search?
17058 Why am I getting the message Unable to set ASP group when running the BCDINSTALL command?
17057 Why am I getting: Connection with the server could not be established, when using a secure FTP (SFTP) connection in WebSmart?
17045 Websmart's SETUSR function is failing to successfully log in users who have special characters in their password.
17034 Why are WebSmart sendmailex emails being rejected by email servers for having bare line feeds.
17018 Why are we moving from geturl() and posturl() functions to IBM's SYSTOOLS HTTP functionality?
17017 Using SYSTOOLS HTTP functions as a replacement for posturl() and geturl()
16990 Alternatives to WebSmart ILE's geturl() and posturl() with updates in TLS 1.3
16965 After installing your WebFamily 2/WebSmart 12+ key you still get invalid or expired key errors.