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How to override the default panel location from which the Presto 5.0+ skins pull the page titles.

Product: Presto Type: How to

In Presto 6.0 and higher these values are removed from the layout files. The rest of the task still applies.

In Presto 5.0 and higher the default skins pull the page title from positions 15 to 60 of line 1.

To override this setting for your entire site, you can change this line in your layout.html file:

var oHeaderDefaultOptions = {row: 1, startCol: 15, endCol: 60}

Override title location per screen
Here are the instructions to override where Presto gets the title for a single screen.

  1. Open the Presto Designer and got to Tools → User Resources → custom.js

  2. Add this function to the bottom of the file, if it's not already there:

    function ChangeHeaderText(row, startCol, endCol)
        //remove the original function call
        jQuery(document).unbind('PageComplete', ModifyHeader);
        //set our page level title parameters
        var MainMenuHeader = {
                    row:row, //data row for header
                    startCol: startCol, //column to start grabbing data
                    endCol: endCol, //column to stop grabbing data
                    hide_row: false //hide unselected row data
        //run header function with new params
        jQuery(document).one('PageComplete',MainMenuHeader, ModifyHeader);
        //rebind the original parameters
        jQuery(document).bind('SendRequestOnce', function()
                jQuery(document).bind('PageComplete',oHeaderDefaultOptions, ModifyHeader);
  3. On each screen that requires a unique title location add a call to this function in the Custom JavaScript.

    ChangeHeaderText(2, 20, 60);

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