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Presto version 8 requires a new license key. Here is what you need to know.

Product: Presto Type: Frequently Asked Question

Presto 8 New Licence Keys

As of Presto 8.0 there is a new generation of license keys that will be required to activate Presto. Below is some information which should prove useful.

  1. Currently Presto is the second web family product to use the new generation of license keys along with WebSmart.
  2. This new Presto key supports Presto Only.  Not the other Web Family Products
  3. This new Key will enforce the number of seats the license is good for.  A seat is a user, but if a user is signed into multiple sessions, that still counts as only one user seat.
  4. The key is now stored in the environment (prior to version 8, it was saved in the common support library) and so needs to be applied to each environment. 

Upgrading (substitute your Presto library name for XL_PRESTO)

  1. When you download the latest release from myFrescheSolutions you are required to generate your new v12 key before the download will become active. You can generate your new key directly on the download page. 
  2. Your new key will be 43 characters long compared to 32 for the previous releases.
  3. Your older environments (pre v8) will continue to run under their old keys until they are upgraded to v8.
  4. If your new v8 key is not installed, you won't be able to run the Presto IDE or use it in the browser.
  5. Unlike previous releases there is no command to view your v8 keys.
  6. The new keys are stored in the data area XL_PRESTO/PW_407.
  7. If you wish to view your current version 8 keys use the command: DSPDTAARA XL_PRESTO/PW_407
  8. Any v8 key you've installed will be retained in the data area XL_PRESTO/PW_407. The only way to remove an old key is to edit the data area. At this time, it is highly recommended you don't do that without calling BCD Tech support first (250-655-1766). If you corrupt your key and don't have it handy to re-install it, you risk deactivating both the development and runtime components. 
  9. Having expired or invalid keys installed (in the data area) will not impact Presto as along as a valid is key installed as well.
  10. During the install you'll be prompted to install your key.


Installing a Key

If you are upgrading your key the commands to install a key remain unchanged:

ADDLIBLE XL_PRESTO (or whatever your Presto library is called)
Type UNLOCK and Enter.



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