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How can I get the Catapult Debug / Log files and send them to BCD for analysis?

Product: Catapult Type: How to

How can I retrieve the Catapult Log files and send them to BCD for analysis?
For Technical Support to debug an issue it is very helpful to have a fresh set of log files.  These instructions will tell you how to clear out old information and send us the what we need to assist you.
1. First we need to clear any locks on our files. End all Pollers, the Consoles and the Launchpads. 
2. There may also be orphaned process which are part of the problem.  To clear these,   Open the Task manager on the Poller PC and go to the Processes tab.   Look for anything with Catapult in the name and end it.
3. Do a WRKACTJOB on a 400 command line and check that there are no EXWORK jobs under EXODUS51.  If there are then end them with option 4, F4 and *IMMED.
4. In My Computer go to: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ESDI\Catapult and delete the logs folder.  Catapult will create a new one when you start it.
If you have Vista or Windows 7  the logs folder is in: C:\ProgramData\ESDI\Catapult\

5. Then Start the launchpad and right click and choose Configuration then Poller. Under Advanced Configuration choose Comm/Diagnostics.  Check Enable debug mode and click OK.

6. Then right click Launchpad again and choose Configuration/Communications. Make sure that "Display communication warning and error messages" and "Include Informational messages in log" ares Checked.

7. Perform whatever task is generating your errors.  Afterward, shut everything down using steps 1,2 and 3 if need be.  This is necessary in order to release any locks on our log files.  Put the Logs folder in a zip file and upload it to  us here: 

Make sure you select your support rep from the drop list.
8.  Once this is done you can uncheck Debug mode in the Poller (step 5) and the two Messages checkboxes in the Communications Configuration.  Not doing so can cause the log file grow very large very fast and take up much of your hard disk.

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