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I'm using the WWU command to display file usage in my programs. However, the results are incomplete. What could be happening?

Product: Docu-Mint 2.3 Type: Frequently Asked Question

If you are trying to identify the programs that use a particular file, using the WWU command, but not getting the expected results, these are the things that you should check:
1. Are you current with your updates?
The simplest and most obvious thing to check is whether you have all the software updates for Docu-Mint. Visit the Docu-Mint updates page on our website and compare that to your own current release level (as shown at the top right of your Work with System Libraries screen). You can further verify each of your individual updates by running the ZWRKUPD command (out of library BCDSUPPT). While we haven't had to create many updates for Docu-Mint recently, verifying this will eliminate the possibility of discrepancies between your results and ours.
2. Was everything analyzed successfully?
Verify that all the libraries involved have in fact been analyzed, and successfully. If you know where all your source and objects are (for both the files and programs), then at the Work with System Libraries screen double check that your last analyzed date is recent, and that when you take option 10=View/Print err (the Error Analysis Report), you don't have any errors indicating that source files or objects weren't found. If a library hasn't been analyzed, or you do have errors, correct those issues and re-test your WWU command.
The other question worth asking is whether any of your file references were added after your most recent, successful analysis of the relevant libraries. If your analysis dates are old, that's also worth checking into.
3. Check your run-time library list.
When you run the WWU command, what do you have for the Library List parameter? Because Docu-Mint displays the option *PRV for that paremeter on the WWU command, it's not always obvious what you're using. If you are using the *JOB parameter, and not all the libraries are in your library list, you'll see partial results. You need to either add all the relevant libraries to your list, or use the *ALL parameter when you run the command.
4. And when all else fails, try to find a pattern.
If all of the options above check out, it's possible that there's a type of file usage that Docu-Mint is not correctly documenting. If you suspect this is the case, try to find some sort of pattern to the omissions in your source code, or the file locations, or the way the database file is used, anything that isolates some variables that might help us narrow down the key factors.

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