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I'm running the WRKWHRUSE report on an object and the report isn't showing a usage that I know and can confirm exists. How can I resolve this?

Product: Docu-Mint 2.3 Type: Frequently Asked Question

One of the key features in Docu-Mint is the ability to report on where objects are used (the WRKWHRUSE report). If you don't get the results you expect when you use this, here are some steps to follow to try and get to the bottom of it.

1. Are all the relevant objects documented?
When you first start Docu-Mint you begin at the Work with System Libraries screen. In this list confirm that the Last Analysis Date for all the relevant libraries is current.

When you run a command in Docu-Mint, it's NOT doing a live, on the spot analysis; rather, it's running over the internal cross references records the software built during the analysis of the selected libraries. So the first and key step is to make sure that you analyses were complete and current.

2. Were there any errors in the documentation process?
If a library shows as having been analyzed, and you're sure that the relevant objects were included in that analysis (as evidenced by them appearing in the lists of objects you can run reports over), the next step is to verify that there were no object analysis errors.

Errors can occur when program source or objects were moved after a compile, for instance, and Docu-Mint wasn't able to find all the relevant, associated objects at the time the analysis was run. From the Work with System Libraries command you can run option 10 to View or Print the errors that came up when running the analysis. If you have many errors than it's likely that you need to create some alternate source location rules, and then re-analyze. You can create the alternate source location rules from the Display Library Analysis Errors panel (F6=Alt source lib).

3. Are the relevant objects in your library list when you run the WRKWHRUSE command?
A non-obvious option in Docu-Mint is the ability to control your report results based on your library list. If you are running a report option and do NOT have all the relevant objects in your library list, that may affect your results. Make sure you either have the relevant libraries in your job's list, or that you're explicitly using the *ALL parameter on the command.

Finally, if you can't get to the bottom of things with these options, look for other situations similar to the one you've identified, and attempt to determine whether there's a pattern to what's being missed.

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