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How to get SmartCharts on non-Flash devices

Product: SmartCharts Type: How to

Most mobile devices such as iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android devices do not support Flash applications, which is what the SmartCharts has generally been built with. Rather, these devices support JavaScript, a scripting language popular in the web development world and also supported by all major browsers. As a result our newer versions of SmartCharts can be rendered with either JavaScript or Flash. By switching your charts from Flash to JavaScript they can be viewed on mobile devices.

WebSmart 9.2+
In WebSmart 9.2 and higher you can set the renderer to JavaScript instead of Flash in the RunChart segment of the program. To do this, change:




Older Versions of WebSmart
If you are running an older version of SmartCharts such as those shipped with WebSmart versions prior to 9.2 you will need to download a new version of SmartCharts. Note that not all the charts support JavaScript. At the time of testing, only the pie, line, bar and column charts from single series support JavaScript.

To get started, follow the instruction below.

  1. Contact us at excel@excelsystems.com for a copy of the latest SmartCharts files.
    Caution!: Do not put these charts into your SmartChart folder if you have any graph programs currently in use. Some newer charts are not backward compatible and may cause your programs to stop working.

  2. Copy the files to your IFS directory and save it somewhere web accessible. Our suggestion would be in the folder with other SmartChart files but in a dedicated folder such as in /esdi/websmart/smartcharts/mobile/.

  3. Add the file to your WebSmart program, you may need to replace the existing SmartCharts.js include:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="/websmart/smartcharts/
  4. Here is an example of calling the program and displaying the graph.
    //Use setCurrentRenderer for strictly JS based charts
    var myChart = new SmartCharts("
        /websmart/smartcharts/mobile/<field name=grType>",
        "<field name=pgmf_qpgmnam>", 
        "<field name=grWidth editcode=4>", 
        "<field name=grHeight editcode=4>", "0", "1" 
    myChart.setXMLUrl("<field name=pgmf_qpgmnam>?task=run_report");

You can find some more information here.

Last Update: 20130226

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