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I'm running a WWU (Work Where Used) command over an object and in my results I see references to libraries that no longer exist, and am getting 'program not found on system' messages. How can I purge these?

Product: Docu-Mint 2.3 Type: How to

You are running some reports on Docu-Mint (typically a WWU, or Work Where Used) and your data includes a significant number of references to usage records from libraries that no longer exist on your system. You want to purge these.

Unfortunately, if the records are legitimate, and your current programs do still in fact reference objects no longer found on the system, you may have some trouble with this. But here are some possible strategies to try, on the possibility that the root cause is just outdated information in the Docu-Mint internal cross reference files.

  1. Go to the Work with System Libraries screen and find the library that has been removed. Then select option 9=Mark lib *RMV option next to it. Note that if the libraries referenced are no longer on your system, you can also re-create the library names (with no objects in them), and then mark these. 
  2. In the prompt that comes up select the option to remove all records (*ALL) rather than just the internal database cross references.
  3. Finally, run the command STRLIBANZ (option 6) over the same library.

As a followup to this, you may need to also clear the records for the libraries you are reviewing that still do exist and rebuild the cross references (Mark for removal, analyze, then mark for *LOAD).

Ultimately, if the references are fully up to date and legitimate, you may need to change the programs to remove the references, and then re-analyze. Unfortunately, Docu-Mint is designed specifically to identify these types of situations, so it can be difficult to get the software to ignore them if they do exist and are legitimate.

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