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How can I set the Catapult Poller to start more quickly after the Exodus51 subsystem is started?

Product: Catapult Type: How to

If you need the Catapult Poller to consistently start more quickly after the Exodus51 subsystem is autostarted after a backup or IPL, upgrade to Catapult 7.9 or higher.

The Catapult Poller runs on a server PC, but depends on the Exodus51 subsystem (and its EXSERVER job) for its communication with the IBM i. The challenge this posed in previous versions of Catapult is that the poller would error out if you attempted to start it when the Exodus51 subsystem wasn't running. This presented a challenge in scheduling the automatic poller start time - you had to schedule it for the latest possible time at which Exodus51 would be up.

We recently had an epiphany: rather than having the poller return an error if the subsystem isn't running (requiring human intervention to remedy), instead we just have the poller check again - and keep on checking until the subsystem comes up.

Why This Feature Matters
This question came up with a customer that ran short, partial nightly backups, longer backups on weekends, and even longer, more complete monthly backups. They wanted the Catapult Poller's startup schedule to be elastic enough to accomodate the wide range of times across which the Exodus51 subsystem might be restarted, so their users would always get their nightly reports (which ran in the early morning, after the restart) as soon as possible.

The challenge was that their most complete backups could take up to 6 hours, but the partial nightly ones only 2 hours. 

In previous versions of Catapult the Poller couldn't be automatically scheduled to start until after the last possible time at which the Exodus51 subsystem could be running, otherwise the poller would error out and the system operator would have to intervene to manually get it back on track.

As of Catapult 7.9, you can (for example), set the Catapult Poller on the PC to restart every morning at 2:00 AM (the soonest time at which you expect your Exodus51 subsystem to be running again), and if a few times a month your backup runs long and the Exodus51 autostart job can't run until 5:00 or 6:00 AM, the Poller will still be waiting, and start as soon as it's able to. The net result is that your recipients may now be able to get reports much sooner.

Clear as mud...?

Great! Just call Technical Support if you have any questions.

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