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How can you send a message to a user?

Product: ProGen Plus Type: How to

Your SNDMSG action is not breaking correctly because the message spans multiple lines. The compiler generates error *RNF5377.

To work around this, you can build your command string in free-format RPG, then run it by calling the program QCMDEXC. Here is sample code:

D QCMD##          S            500A                     
D QCLN##          S             15P 5 INZ(500)          
     EVAL QCMD## = 'SNDMSG MSG('' msg '') TOUSR(MYUSER)';
C                   CALL      'QCMDEXC'                 
C                   PARM                    QCMD##      
C                   PARM                    QCLN##     

Use the USRSRC (US) action within the actions editor to add the above statements.
The free-format code must start and end with the compiler tags /free and /end-free. The /free tag must start in position 9 of the user source code.

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