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Using SQLEXEC to filter records in your ProGen Plus subfile program.

Product: ProGen Plus Type: How to

The customer was trying to limit records displayed in a subfile by checking for a hit on a logical of his definition's primary file. This logical had select/omit criteria that allowed him to easily check for the records that he wanted, but doing a GETRCD to the file changed his file pointer and affected the rolling of his subfile.

We changed his code to use a SQLEXEC instead of a GETRCD at the context *FILT. The SQL we used was:

select count(*) into :num_recs from file where keyfield = :keyfield

Then we created an IF statement that tested if there were any records that matched:

IF (num_recs > *ZEROS)
  updfld *RS01 = 0

Give us a call if you have any questions!

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