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When using the display file timeout, Progen help does not work.

Product: ProGen Plus Type: How to


When using the display file timeout, Progen help does not work. This is because when the display timeout is enabled it uses the INVITE keyword on the record format in the DDS.

The INVITE keyword blanks out the record format name in the returned data structure. The ProGen Plus help uses the record format name as a key to the help file. Because the

record format name is blank the help message is not found.


Work Around:

At the after panel presented context you are on update the record format name with the record format of the panel you are on.

For example if you are on your first flat panel you would add the line:



Then create an action context in the routine $$HELP.

To do this first you need to add a context tag to the $$HELP procedure:

  • Type ZWRKSS
  • Change the file to GN#GLES
  • Edit the member GN#MSGSB
  • Insert the line right before the call to GN$HLP:     >C*BFHP Before help
  • Add the following line making sure the A is the style of your progen program and the sequence number is unique:  A          1        7.00  *BFHP   Before call to Help         $$HLP

Now add the following line in the actions context *BFHP in your program



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