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How to prevent the browser from adding autocomplete values to Presto fields

Product: Presto Type: How to

A common feature in modern browsers is to offer suggestions for inputting data into a field. Browsers will save data that you submit through a field (such as a user name or search value) and offer it again the next time you need to work with that field.

While browsers are able to distinguish different types of input fields in most cases, it is still possible for them to make a mistake, leading you to see autocomplete data for the wrong field. In Presto's case, you can add the autocomplete="off" attribute to your fields in Presto to disable this behaviour.

Presto.Select({row: 20, col: 7}).attr("autocomplete", "off");

If you'd like to disable autocomplete for all input fields across your entire environment, you can add this code to your custom.js:

jQuery(document).on("PageComplete", function(){
   jQuery("input.field").attr("autocomplete", "off");

You can read more about the HTML autocomplete attribute here.

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