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How can I export diagrams if I don't have Visio installed?

Product: X-Analysis Type: How to

How can I export diagrams if I don't have Visio installed?

By default Visio is the tool used for drawing diagrams within X-Analysis and will need to be installed in order to use this feature. X-Analysis 13.x and above also supports two additional methods for exporting diagrams if Visio is not installed, namely the File API method and using Open Office Draw.

To change the method used to export Diagrams go into the X-Analysis preferences via Window | Preferences to invoke the Preferences dialog. Expand the X-Analysis node to view/modify the Advanced Preferences and from here you can switch to the File API method and Open Office Draw.


  • The Use File API option can be used to generate flowcharts when Visio is not installed on the machine. Check the Additional Overlap Correction option to avoid minor connector overlaps if present.

  • The Use Open Office Draw (Also specify folder in Folders tab) check box will use Open Office Draw for diagrams. In addition to selecting this option you will need to specify the location of Open Office within the Folders Node.

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