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Make an input width vary with the length of the text

Product: Presto Type: How to

How can I make an input resize to help fit the content as I type?

There are many ways one can do this with some javascript. The easiest way to implement it in Presto would be to add the following code to the onkeypress event for the element in the Visual Editor:

this.style.width =((this.value.length + 1)*10)+ 'px';

A couple caveats:

- If you have retain spaces on then there is whitespace in the input which will give it an initial size (you may want to consider giving it an minWidth if it's too small to start with as well).

- A lot of elements will have a maxlength attribute too (to integrate better with the underlying greenscreen app) which will still place an upper bound on the element size.

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