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DBGen Updates History

Product: DbGen Type: How to

Current Release

The current version of DbGen is 2.5.

Download the current version from our client portal at myFreschesolutions.com or from our public site.

You can find further information on the most recent versions and updates below.

Update Requirements

DbGen 2.5 is for V5R3 or higher. This version is V6R1 compliant.


DbGen 2.5 Updates

These are the updates available for DbGen 2.5:

  • DB25R0002 - 2011/05/27 - Fixes a reported problem with creating files that reference dictionary fields of type *REFFLD (i.e. dictionary fields that reference other dictionary fields). Also corrects other related problems with dictionary and file generation, and physical file DDS not correctly referencing dictionaries. (FS#8791)
  • DB25R0001 - 2009/11/27 - Add new data types to the File Field Listing (report menu option 2, program DB#PRF). Added data types include: L - *ISO DATE (length 10), T - TIME (length 8), Z - TIME STAMP (length 26), F - FLOATING POINT (length 4) and H - HEX (length 8).


DbGen 2.31 Updates (and earlier)

These updates require V4R5M0 as a minimum operating system release level. This version is not V6R1 compliant.


Accum Updates

  • DB23RA01 - 2000/04/25 - Accum Update 1. Includes updates 1 to 2, and updates release to 2.31. (448224)

Individual Updates

  • DB23R001 - 2000/03/30 - Properly import and generate field reference file that have REFFLDs pointing to other fields within the FREF. (442208)
  • DB23R002 - 2000/04/25 - Create new logical view DB#DPXL3. (27552)
  • DB23R003 - 2000/06/06 - Fix problem with attaching help at ProGen 6.0. You must be at ProGen 6.0 to apply this.
  • DB23R004 - 2001/07/19 - Update ONLY required for DbGen 2.3x clients upgrading to ProGen 7.0. Includes new versions of programs used to check DbGen to ProGen cross reference information, to avoid level checks. (532816)
  • DB23R005 - 2002/12/04 - This update is necessary if you have ProGen 8 and any release of DbGen less then 2.32. This update will upgrade DbGen to be compatible with ProGen 8.
  • DB23R007 - 2003/09/10 - Correct problem with multiple member logical being created.
  • DB23R008 - 2004/01/06 - Enabled lower case entry on File text field on the Work with Files screen. (475136)
  • DB23R011 - 2005/08/15 - Fix subfile positioning in Work with DbGen Object Management (option 7 from the main menu). (583 kilobytes)
  • DB23R012 - 2006/07/10 - Fixed two problems relating to files DB#053 and DB#016C where errors occurred when deleting a physical file and its dependant logical files.
  • DB23R013 - 2006/07/10 - Fix to get the file and member wait time parameters when importing a logical or physical file. Previously these would be blank and then the files would fail generation.
  • DB23R014 - 2007/05/22 - This update allows you to retain the subfile position when scrolling thru multiple pages of logical views.

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