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How to create mutually exclusive checkboxes

Product: Presto Type: How to

Usually you would use a radio button for a situation where you want to have a mutually exclusive checkbox. But in the event this does not work for you here is an alternative: mutually exclusive checkboxes.

Let's create 3 checkboxes on some page in Presto:
1. Go to Visual Editor
2. Right mouse click on where you want to add your checkboxes
3. Select Common Elements -> Checkboxes from pop-up window
4. Click on created checkbox and select Checkbox Values in the Element Properties tab:

5. Click on ellipsis button and fill out options:

6. In Element Properties add 'exclusive' class and click 'save':

7. In order to make them mutually exclusive we have to add this page-level javascript:

jQuery(document).one('PageComplete', function() {
  jQuery('.exclusive').mousedown(function() {
    jQuery(':checkbox').prop('checked', false);

More examples and discussions can be found here

Keywords: radio button, checkbox, checkboxes, check box, check boxes, javascript

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