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FastFax/QuadraDocV Update History

Product: FastFax/QDV Type: Frequently Asked Question

Updates History

This document contains a summary of enhancements/fixes for this release of FastFax and a list of known issues (with workarounds, if available). Additionally, the release notes for prior versions of FastFax are included on the FastFax CD for your reference. For more information on the FastFax enhancements refer to the FastFax manuals, they are on the FastFax CD. 

Current Release

The current version of FastFax is 5.7.0.

Download FastFax/QDV from our client portal at myFrescheSolutions.com.

To check your release level run this command:  FFXTOOLS.  Press F8 to get through the warning message then take option 101.

You can find further information on the most recent versions and updates below.

FastFax/QDV Updates

There are no updates available for release 5.7.0.

Release 5.7.0

FastFax/QDV 5.7.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • Updated the third party software packages

  • This release has been tested on the following OS’s W2016, W2012, W2008R2 – we will provide limited support on other OS’s.

  • IBM i:

    • If the purge is running (FXSPRG = '1') to end FFXINT job that is running in the subsystem.
    • Enhancement to allow for 99 spooled files to be captured.
    • WRKFAXJOB - added User-Id to F23 select sort.
    • Made an enhancement to allow for larger passwords. On the IBM i the user can use the F4 function key
      to enter in a large password. The field was increased on the PC side.
    • Update and Install - call QDVINST/QDVINST

  • Install/Update:

    • Customers need to specify the iASP device when running an update or install.
    • Also in a iASP setup all Job descriptions & Subsystems must be stored in a companion library.

  • Email batching

    • Enhancement to how *EB,2 is used when including a *AP command.
    • Enhancement when *AP is color image.

Release 5.6.0

FastFax/QDV 5.6.0 includes the following enhancements:

FastFax/QDV Server:

  • Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) is used to install the software.
  • Updated the third party software packages to the latest versions.
  • This release has been tested on the following OS’s W2016, W2012, W2008R2, WIN7 – we will provide limited support on other OS’s.


  • Made an enhancement to remove invalid IBMi user profiles from our database files. Run option 94 off FFXTOOLS or call FASTFAX/FFX716Y
  • With the override turned on we will not look at the ‘Maximum pages profile can transmit’ if the job is set to destination *EMAIL. *NOMAX will be the default. 
    Override is FXSMPG.
  • With the override on the default destination when creating a new PhoneBook entry will be *EMAIL.  
    Override is FXSPEM.
  • Made an enhancement to allow for larger passwords. On the IBMi the user can use the F4 function key to enter in a large password. 
    The field was increased on the PC side.

Release 5.5.1

FastFax/QDV 5.5.1 includes the following enhancements:


  • Data Base Type – New option is SQLSERVER on a brand new install. On the install you will be prompted to populate the following fields:

    Database Type....................... *SQLSERVER *SQLANYWHERE,*SQLSERVER

    Database Port....................... 1492 1-65535
  • This needs to be changed before creating the configuration file. 

FastFax/QDV Server:

  • Microsoft has dropped XP,2000, 2003 & NT from support – no QS testing so will only be able to provide limited support.
  • Currently support Server 2012 and we no longer have .net framework as a pre-requisite.
  • Support Hyper-V.
  • No Novell support, TRLAN (Token Ring) which QS no longer supports 


Release 5.0.0

FastFax/QDV 5.0.0 includes the following enhancements:

FastFax/QDV Server:

  • Fax over IP (FOIP) supported. 
  • SR140 virtual fax card. 
  • Purge will remove faxes in ERR and ERC status. 
  • LANAPI to create fax/email jobs for each RCP in a list read from a CSV file. IBM i Enhancements.
  • Full processor name override. Previously only processor prefix could be modified. Additionally there have
    been various program fixes to correct minor issues.


System Limitations

  • a. Creating faxes/emails for a recipient list or using a broadcast list is limited to 999 recipients per job.
  • b. Cover sheets are limited to one page of 30 lines of text and must be sent in portrait.
  • c. When creating or changing graphic or form entries, you must allow enough time for the processor to create the file and copy it back to the IBM i before you use it.
  • d. The following limitations exist for International support:

    • All user interfaces and messages are written for English and certain user interfaces display the time with AM/PM rather than using a 24-hour clock. 
    • Fonts for IBM i faxes and/or emails are based on English characters

  • e. Graphic Administration 
    • Composed forms are limited to 32 child forms.
    • Imported graphics must be 200 x 200 dpi, black and white, and either TIF or PCX.
    • For landscape forms, the graphic file must be rotated 90 degrees to the right, or clockwise, and saved as 8.5 x 11 (or 14).
    • For all new or existing landscape forms, you must enter *YES in the Auto landscape text on form field. 

  • f. When sending faxes with a USERASCII PCL file or other non-image file as an attachment, the number of pages in the fax may initially be calculated incorrectly and cause the cover sheet to have the incorrect value.

    Workaround - Use a cover sheet that does not have total pages on it and just use the page count in the TSI.

IBM i - Specific 

  • a. Attention/Capture for the IBM i – In certain situations the FastFax capture programs are not automatically set to System State. If you use the FastFax capture feature for spooled files and screens and it is not functioning properly, contact Tech Support to properly setup the FastFax capture programs.
    FastFax attention key capture is only supported at security level 40 and below.
  • b. Attention/Capture for the IBM i - V5R3 and above – FastFax attention key capture is only supported at security level 30 and below.
  • c. FastFax cannot run as a Group job. Whenever the user is in FastFax, the attention key is turned off.
  • d. DO NOT add the FASTFAX library to the system or user’s library list. The FastFax library is added during installation and FastFax job descriptions already contain FastFax in the library list. Having FastFax added to your library list would cause unpredictable results for FastFax.
  • e. Spooled File Support/Limitations
    • Formatting - The doublewide text formatting command is not fully supported, the text will print in bold and double spaced.
    • FastFax does not support *LINE or *AFPDSLINE spooled files.
    • Workaround - Use *SCS or *AFPDS.
    • FastFax does not support *IPDS spooled files containing bar codes.
    • Workaround - Use *AFPDS.
    • AFP spooled files limitations supporting the following: non-host resident fonts; no support for GOCA; no “&” commands except &lan/&por and no *FM (should be on the spooled file as an overlay); no support for duplex printing (if a spooled file contains blank pages because of duplex printing, FastFax will remove the blank pages); no support for landscape and portrait text on the same page; additionally, the amount of text we can fax on a page (width and length) will be slightly less than normal faxes. Contact Tech Support for exact values and full description of limitations.
    • Sending *USERASCII spooled files or non-image attached files can cause the total number of pages on a cover sheet to be incorrect. The pages in the TSI at the top of each faxed page is correct.
    • The maximum number of spooled files that can be sent in one transmission is 84.
  • f. FastFax Messages
    • WRKFAXJOB is limited to displaying 9999 faxes in the list for both Outbound and Inbound. The “Set to top” feature can be used to access faxes beyond 9999. Performance can sometimes be slow depending on the top elections/filters and when pressing F18 for bottom if many faxes exist in the queue.
    • On the Change screen, you cannot select from/to pages.
      Workaround - Delete the fax job and perform a resend, which will allow you to select from/to pages. Or, you can view the fax from the PC, select the pages, and print to the FastFaxLAN printer to use WindowFax. 

  • g . API Limitations
    • Starting/Ending pages in Spooled File attributes are only for print; we do not apply them when creating faxes/emails.
    • When using the TXT option for the *ES command (for attaching a spooled file to an email message), the spooled file will be converted to an ASCII text file that is not formatted and includes form feed characters at page breaks. 

  • h. Extractor Limitations
    • Extractor templates and Database Links do not support multiple member files; the first member must be used in setup.
    • Starting/Ending pages in Spooled File attributes are only for print; we do not apply them when creating faxes/emails.
    • Variable length fields are not supported.
    • When using the TXT option for attaching a spooled file to an email message, the spooled file will be converted to an ASCII text file that is not formatted and includes form feed characters at page breaks. 

  • i. Database Links Limitations
    • Database Links cannot be put into Broadcast Lists, but you can create recipient lists that include Database Link entries.
    • Extractor templates and Database Links do not support multiple member files; the first member must be used in setup.
    • Multiple Database Links containing the same information from the same database files and that are active concurrently may cause unpredictable results when selecting entries from PhoneBooks.
    • Variable length fields are not supported.

  • j. FastFax Profiles
    • Departments cannot have values for certain authorities because they don’t sign on and use the product. Therefore, authorities cannot be set on departments and then *DEPT used to reference those authorities for individuals.
    • When copying a user profile, if that user has *LIST, the new user will not get all the same authorities as the user being copied. The new user gets the default for *LIST (public, his/her dept, his/her own).

  • k. Configuration Limitations
    An IBM Client Access issue requires the FFXSYS profile’s user-id to be the same for the IBM i and for the network. If they are not the same, you cannot map a drive. FastFax does not support a different date format by user/job. All users must use the same date format in FastFax. 


  • a. Database Concerns - If the FastFax Processor is not ended properly, the database will be corrupted. Do not turn off the processor without first ending all processes.

  • b. Sending Faxes - In the TSI for sender information, if the sender has two first or last names, only one is used.

  • c. Receiving Faxes - Some fax machines will automatically continue a transmission for the user. For example, if a user feeds ten pages into a fax machine and the machine sends seven pages and gets an error, it redials the remote machine and sends the other three pages automatically. In FastFax and any other system, the recipient gets two faxes that are intended to be one. 

  • d. Messaging to Clients
    • Messaging to Novell clients does not always work.
    • Workaround - Users can check messages in FastFax Messages. If the message fails to send, it is written into this area.
    • Messaging via Email requires a FastFax Gateway or eDocMail. Additionally, FastFax users must be setup with a valid email address and set to receive messages via email in FastFax profile maintenance. 

  • e. Emailing attachments of non-image files (such as documents, spreadsheets, or PDF files) is restricted. However, you can install Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and the FastFax PDF Module on the FastFax Processor to properly format those document types.

  • f. Release Update - The update process will not update the processor to NT Service Pack 6a, or others to follow, if the box has HIGH ENCRIPTION service pack installed on it. You can verify this by checking the properties of the SCHANNEL.DLL file in winnt/system32. There is no procedure for fixing this; the processor will need to be replaced.

  • g. Configuration - If the IBM i IP address changes, the processor will be unable to connect in order to update itself. Make any necessary changes on the IBM i and use the configuration file to update the processor; must use a static IP address for the FastFax Processor. DHCP is not supported. 

  • h. On some FastFax Processors the speaker does not beep for the configuration file. 
    Workaround – read the messages in the Main Process window.

  • i. FastFax does not support the installation of the SR140 virtual fax card and physical fax cards in the same processor.


1. Clients

  • a. Connection - Database connections are held as long as the user has one of the FastFax applications open. This connection will be lost after four hours of inactivity (except for Messages, which times out after 30 minutes if idle time). After the connection is lost, if the user tries to use a FastFax application, the user may receive unpredictable results. During the four hours the connection is counted towards the maximum connections allowed.
    Workaround - Close the application after each use and re-open when necessary. To increase the time out, use “-ti” and then minutes on the start line for the database.

  • b. FaxBar - If the FaxBar is launched before AutoUpdate completes, a file copy error occurs. Auto update occurs each time the PC is rebooted. Please wait for it to complete before launching the FaxBar. (See the Taskbar for status.)

  • c. WindowFax
    • Printing multiple documents/files in one print request is not supported at this time (for example, printing multiple sheets from Excel or printing all files in MS Binder). Users should not have FastFaxLAN set as their default printer. There could be situations when FastFax would try to print to itself and would enter into a loop. Using FastFax ampersand (&) commands, including &SGN and &GEN, in documents or in the cover notes in WindowFax is not supported.
    • Workaround - Commands can be used in the cover sheet designer in FastFax Administration. 
    • On the Options tab with multiple forms, all composed forms are listed, and then all single page forms.
    • The user’s max pages authorized to send is not validated against the size of the fax. 

  • d. Viewer
    • Viewer processing speed decreases over time. This is caused by the cache directories on the user’s PC.
    • Workaround - Delete the contents of the cache directories under FastFax/Temp.
    • If users in different environments have access to the same inbound fax, a copy is made for each environment. Any annotations on the fax are saved by environment.
    • There is no mechanism to synchronize annotations across all environments after a copy is made.
    • Color graphics are not supported.
    • Excessive switching between print, print preview, and other operations may cause the Viewer to abnormally terminate.

  • e. FastFax Messages - If the user wants to change an economy fax to send now, the priority and the send time have to be changed.

  • f. Cover Sheets - If the sender has two last names, the names do not print properly on cover sheets from WindowFax or LANAPI.

  • g. FastFax Administration
    • If the user profile name contains an apostrophe, the user’s name is displayed as a vertical bar in the books. 
    • Departments cannot have values for certain authorities because they don’t sign on and use the product. Therefore, authorities cannot be set on departments and then *DEPT used to reference those authorities for individuals.
    • When copying a user profile, if that user has *LIST, the new user will not get all the same authorities as the user being copied. The new user gets the default for *LIST (public, his/her dept, his/her own). 

  • h. Some PC applications provide a menu option for sending a document to a fax recipient (for example, in Microsoft Word, it is File Send To Fax Recipient). 
    This method of faxing is not supported in FastFax, and may cause an error. 
    Use FastFax as described in the FastFax Clients guide.
     i. FastFax secondary security codes are not supported on the PC/File Servers; they are only supported on the IBM i and FastFax processor. 

2. Terminal Server 

  • a. If the CPU on the file server spikes when users use FastFax, the cache directories need to be cleared out (all the files in the cache can be deleted). Under the FastFax directory there is a Temp directory and under that are the cache directories.
  • b. When thin-client checks the version of the FastFax client, it will not change even after an update, because during the setup, each user gets a separate FFX.INI file that contains the old version information.

Email Gateways-Specific 

  • a. In order to transmit email with Microsoft Word and/or Excel attachments, Word and/or Excel should be installed on the Master FastFax Processor.
  • b. In order to transmit email with Adobe Acrobat PDF attachments, the FastFax PDF Module (sold separately) should be installed on the FastFax Processor(s).
  • c. Support for eDocMail is limited to an SMTP-compatible email server and cannot be a dial-up network.
  • d. In order for FastFax to route outbound email messages through a Gateway, you must purchase a FastFax Email Gateway.
  • e. In email clients, the Ad Hoc addressing does not perform edits, spaces are removed, semi-colons start another address, the SMTP addressing rules apply, and the normal FastFax rules for entering a fax number apply.
  • f. There are restrictions/limitations related to the output of different file types when attaching files/-documents to an email and faxing it from Email Clients. 
  • g. Faxes created from email clients always include a cover sheet. 
  • h. International characters are not supported within the body of the email.
  • i. SMTP Gateway only – blind carbon copy (BCC) is not supported.
  • j. Novell GroupWise only: 
    • The Email Gateway for Novell GroupWise in a cluster configuration is not supported. The email attachment type options (*ES/*EA) are not supported in GroupWise. 

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