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How can I permanently remove Newlook newlook version 9 licenses from my IBMi?

Product: Newlook Type: How to

How can I permanently remove Newlook newlook version 9 licenses from my IBMi?


Newlook utilizes the IBM i license manager for it's licensing. If you wish to remove all licensing releted objects associated with version 9 of Newlook then the following commands can be used :


WRKOBJ OBJ(NEWLOOK/NEWLOOK900) followed by option "4" (delete)


You may use WRKLICINF to verify there are no remaining Newlook version 9 entries after running the above commands. Once the objects have been removed you will need to run the Newlook license wizard, for the appropriate version, to re-create the objects.

The same technique can be used to remove Newlook licenses for other versions with the highlighted parameters above being specific to a version. For version 9 and below the Product ID (PRDID) will be 0NWLOOK however for v10 and above it will be 1NWLOOK.


PRDID          LICTRM          OBJECT

0NWLOOK       V7R0             NEWLOOK700
0NWLOOK       V8R0             NEWLOOK800
0NWLOOK       V9R0             NEWLOOK900
1NWLOOK       V0R0             NEWLOOK100


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