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How can I apply the original override (customizations) when host application has changed and the original screen ID no longer applies?

Product: Newlook Type: How to

How can I apply the original override (customizations) when host application has changed and the original screen ID no longer applies?


Your original customizations on an IBM i host screen no longer apply as the underlying green screen has changed and the screen ID no longer applies.

For an override to apply to the current screen the Screen ID chosen must have exactly the same characters in exactly the same position otherwise Newlook will see the screen as a different screen and your customizations may not apply.


To re-apply the original override to the new screen, you can use the following steps:

  • Go to the Host Form list and find the original override for the screen i.e. Don't go into the Design tool whilst viewing the new version of the screen but rather open the host form override from the list of host form overrides. To find the original override more easily you can filter the list for the name of the original override

  • Open the override and switch to Identify and note the screen ID field(s).

  • Adjust the screen ID of the original override so that it can apply to both the new and old versions. You may find it easier to switch to emulator view whilst viewing the new screen from the IDE runtime window to compare old and new.

  • Save your changes and close the original host form override. You should now see the original host form override applying to the new screen when viewed via the IDE runtime window.

  • If necessary you can go back into Identify from the runtime Window and re-adjust the screenID or make additional changes.


Note : Each host form override you create will also save the "presentation space" of the current green screen that was used to create/modify the form. If you wish to view the original presentation space you can do so by opening the host form directly from the host form list.

If you wish to modify an override based on the screen you are currently viewing within the IDE runtime then going into Identify/Design from the IDE runtime will cause the presentation space to be updated.


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