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What do the different Timeout Settings do in Presto?

Product: Presto Type: Frequently Asked Question

You can control Presto timeouts from the Server settings:
Tools >> Settings >> Server
And there are two timeouts here. To understand these it's important to know that a Presto session involves 3 jobs on your iSeries:
The CGI Job
This is the server job which handles browser requests and "serves" the response back to the browser. CGI jobs do not handle unique sessions and after handling a request the same job becomes available to handle further browsers requests.
The Presto Hub Job
This is the intermediary job that converts your datastream into raw html. It communicates between the Interactive Job and the CGI job. One exists for each session.
The Interactive Job
This is the interactive job running your greenscreen session.
The two timeouts reflect how long the Presto Hub job for a session will wait for a response from each of the other two jobs.
Server Response Timeout 
This is how long the Hub job will wait for a response back from the Interactive job. (It's very rare that this timeout is reached.)
Browser Activity Timeout
This is how long the Hub job will wait for a response from the CGI job, or in effect, for a response from the user in the browser. This is likely the timeout your users will be running into.

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