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How can I upload unlimited Newlook host licenses?

Product: Newlook Type: How to

How can I upload unlimited Newlook host licenses?



From the Newlook Developer (IDE) license page you can upload unlimited licenses by entering -1 for the number of licenses. Currently this is only supported for Smartclient and Openlook licenses.

In a situation where you have an unlimited number of Newlook Developer licenses these can be uploaded manually via the ADDLICKEY command on the IBM i. Issue a ADDLICKEY followed by pressing F4 to prompt and then enter all of the license information provided. For the usage limit enter *NOMAX.


Note :

Please make sure that Newlook license objects have been created on the host before using the ADDLICKEY command. The best way to do this is to run the Newlook License wizard via the Newlook Developer. It is not necessary to specify valid license codes in order to create the license objects in this manner as long as a user profile with sufficient authority (such as QSECOFR) is used. Alternatively to can save the NEWLOOK library from another host with Newlook licenses and restore it on the target host.

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