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How can I bypass the normal IBM signon screen when connecting with Newlook?

Product: Newlook Type: How to

How can I bypass the normal IBM signon screen when connecting with Newlook?

You wish to specify the username and password within the Newlook connection properties and bypass the regular IBM i signon screen or you wish to allow users to specify their own username/password the first time they login and have that remembered to allow bypassing of the signon screen.



Within the Newlook connection properties you can choose to specify a username and password. These credentials are typically just used for the Smartclient license request that occurs before the telnet connection to the IBM i and subsequent display of the regular signon screen.

There are two ways to utilize these credentials to bypass the signon screen :

a) Specify a username and password when defining the connection and enable the "Automatically signon to display sessions" option. You may choose to use this approach in a Kiosk implementation.

b) Allow the user to specify their own credentials and save them for future connections. To implement this select the option to specify the username and password but leave the credentials blank and also enable the "Automatically signon to display sessions" option. Within the Newlook Developer access Rules | General and under User Access policies make sure "Password cache" is enabled. This is required to allow Smartclient users to cache their credentials.

Note : The auto-bypass feature relies on the IBM i's remote signon feature which is controlled via the QRMTSIGN system value. If the QRMTSIGN system value is set to *VERIFY or *SAMEPRF the auto-login using the license credentials can occur. If that system value is set to *FRCSIGNON then the bypass feature is disabled and Newlook will just display the regular IBM signon page.

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