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How do inactive Openlook related jobs get cleared out?

Product: Newlook Type: Troubleshooting

How do inactive Openlook related jobs get cleared out?



When Newlook (Server or Smartclient) connects to an IBM i that is running an Openlook enabled application there are 3 distinct job types created, namely :

  • 5250 session related jobs
  • Openlook (LOOKOA) related jobs
  • Apache related jobs

The 5250 related jobs are self-explanatory as they apply to any telnet session but with regards to Openlook enabled screens, as soon as a user navigates to an Openlook enabled screen the Openlook handler will communicate with the Apache HTTP server and provide it with XML that the Apache server will then pass onto Newlook for it to render the screen to the user.

For a user there are likely to be two different scenarios in how they interact, specifically :

Scenario A - User signs off correctly
If a user navigates to an Openlook enabled screen and then signs off before the session is deemed to be idle then the IBMi will clean up it's 5250 related jobs. The Openlook handler will keep it's objects in memory until such time that the jobs are deemed inactive by the handler and, by default, will be cleared if idle for more than 120 minutes. Openlook provides for a scheduled clean-up that can be configured via LOOKOA/SETINACTIV (followed by F4)

Information on the inactive jobs clean-up can be found on the wiki here :


User ID: openlook
Password: look

Regarding Apache HTTP (QTMHHTP1) related jobs, as mentioned below, these jobs will remain until Apache clears them out after a period of inactivity and are not unique to Newlook/Openlook. There would be information on the web on how to configure Apache to clean out inactive jobs on the IBMi.

Scenario B - The user sits idle on a screen and doesn't sign off
In this scenario, the above information applies with regards to Openlook and HTTP jobs but since the user's 5250 session is idle the IBMi's inactivity settings will come into effect...these are the same settings that would apply to any telnet session.


Keywords : timeout

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