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Read what our customers are saying about our Technical Support

Kwik Trip Inc.

"Always very personable, easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the products."

Tom Colbert

King Koil

"I have just started using the WebSmart product and have found it to be very easy to learn. Like with any language, it takes time to master but with things like the code examples, great documentation and online help, not to mention technical support, I look forward to being able to shorten the time it takes to get applications from design to production. Being a one person shop, this is a real boost for me. Thank you."

Jimmy Vann

Intrac Systems

"Iíve come to the conclusion that you must have a Prozac dispenser in your technical support office, as everyone that I have spoke to thus far, are the nicest, easiest going support folks I have EVER dealt with, and Iíve dealt with quite a few."

Fred Crawford

Brown and Bigelow

"BCD's support team has been terrific. Each person we've dealt with has been knowledgeable, prompt, and patient."

Herb Hemenway

Academic Book Services

"I reviewed, in detail, several leading iSeries web application development tools, and query tools to modernize our iSeries applications. I'm very conservative and detest risks and surprises... I like software that works. I selected WebSmart, Nexus Portal, and Clover from BCD. These integrated products have set the standard from which all others should be judged.

The software works well, the support is tremendous, and the sales people are knowledgeable. The decision to use BCD products is one of the biggest no-brainers a CIO can make."

Gary Stewart