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These are the most frequently asked Catapult questions.

KB#16028 Catapult Updates History
KB#16506 Why is Catapult getting the message Error: too many messages in one session?
KB#16661 Why do my Catapult emails have a [1] or other number in the subject line?
KB#16663 What are the built in spool file attribute replacement values used in Catapult for email subject lines, path, document and other naming conventions.
KB#16789 Do I need Microsoft Word installed to create RTF documents with Catapult?
KB#16790 Do I need a PDF creator installed to generate PDFs with Catapult?
KB#10516 Why does the current Catapult version number appear to be lower than other recent releases?
KB#14964 How to disable logging in Catapult.
KB#14975 Replacement Values for Catapult Target file names (and other uses).
KB#15043 After installing Catapult 8 I still see the Catapult7Service listed in the Services panel.
KB#16229 Can we install a newer Catapult Console on users' PCs prior to upgrading the IBMi?
KB#9056 Why do I receive the error 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay... when I try and email a document?
KB#3754 How to start/end Catapult's Poller.
KB#5860 I removed an outque from my iSeries, and now I'm getting a CPF9801 error in Catapult.
KB#6587 I'm getting CPF3344 or CPF3342 error messages in the Request and Errors list. What could be the reasons for this?
KB#7680 How can I move my Catapult rules from one IBM i to another?
KB#8143 While working with a Catapult program, I'm getting an error that a file is full (The maximum size has been reached for member). How can I address this problem?
KB#8537 How can I reduce the amount of space that Catapult uses on our server?
KB#9023 Catapult is generating a CPF3C40 message in a spool file. What could be happening?
KB#9209 One of my Catapult grab rules is producing the error "A printer path could not be derived for this request." What can I do about this?
KB#9426 I am getting a CPF22E2 when trying to start the Catapult Poller, even though I have verified that I am using a valid profile.
KB#10057 Catapult grab rule fails with "Cannot connect to network resource", "Unknown username or bad password" or similar.

If you have any other questions, please review all the Catapult KB articles, search our entire Knowledge Base or call technical support!