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These are the most frequently asked Exodus questions.

KB#15242 Why do some BCD products create the user profile EXODUS51 or EXODUS55?
KB#10212 When trying to connect to the IBM i I get a 1006 or 1009 error.
KB#8680 Receive an "Exodus1:Evoke Problem: 831A Major code:83 Minor code:1A" error message on login even though the profile is *ENABLED
KB#2837 How can I tell which Port numbers are in use, or which are free?
KB#8993 Exodus connection error: Ack 1003 Invalid Configuration.
KB#9122 When I try to connect to Exodus, I receive the following message: "Evoke Problem: 0706 User is not authorized to subsystem description" How can I resolve this issue?
KB#8775 I'm installing a BCD product that uses EXODUS or EXODUS51 and the subsystem won't start. What can I do?
KB#10128 Should I be concerned about the error message "Data area EX_DEBUG in XL_EXODUS not found"?
KB#9134 I have started the EXODUS51 subsystem, but there is no EXSERV51 job running under it. This can happen in conjunction with the error "CPF1178 - Subsystem Exodus51 cannot start auto start job EXSERV51."
KB#9082 How to install Exodus or EXODUS51 if your BCD product installation fails with a CPF0001 - Error found on CRTUSRPRF command, followed by a CPD2208 - Password cannot be set to expired.
KB#9935 What are the differences between Exodus and Exodus51

If you have any other questions, please review all the EXODUS KB articles, search our entire Knowledge Base or call technical support!