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These are the most frequently asked Nexus questions.

KB#16027 Nexus Updates History
KB#16160 Nexus 6.2 DB2 File and API Changes
KB#16942 Where can I find documentation about the Nexus APIs?
KB#16945 What authorities does the nexusadmin IBMi profile require in Nexus?
KB#17068 Can I use secure email (TLS) with Nexus and how can I trouble shoot SMTP email configuration issues?
KB#7737 Is the ECM Navigator an appropriate method for providing Nexus links to other types of content?
KB#10337 In what versions of Nexus are HA (High Availability) keys supported?
KB#10364 Why am I receiving the warning "A distribution rule could not be found for document" in Catapult after a Nexus upgrade?
KB#10499 Why am I getting a Nexus Trial Key Expired intermittently?
KB#15489 How does Nexus determine the Default Document and Page
KB#15540 Where are my Nexus 5 DropDowns on a Mobile device?
KB#15617 Does Nexus use library list objects?
KB#15659 When I upgrade to the new mobile layout what carries over?
KB#15687 Nexus 5 upgrades and the Mobile Layout FAQ
KB#8126 I'm downloading a file with an extension of .docx/.xlsx/.pptx from the Nexus ECM, but it appears as if it was a .zip file. What is happening, and how can I resolve this?
KB#9195 I'm noticing repeated access log entries for nxupoll.pgm. What is the purpose of nxupoll.pgm?
KB#9286 How can you update NXAUTH to work on V6R1 if you no longer have the Nexus install files on your IBM i?
KB#7651 If you upgrade your IBM i OS/400 level to either V5R4 or V6R1 (6.1), you may run into incompatibility issues with NXAUTH, and Nexus will fail to start. Alternate versions are included in save files in the installation library XL_SMSINST.
KB#6831 Steps to copy Nexus (XL_NEXUS) to run multiple versions of Nexus on one IBM i (XL_NEXxxx). Also how to create a fresh install of Nexus and export a complete copy of Nexus.
KB#6707 The ECM Viewer does not auto-size correctly when loading an HTML document or Application resulting in scroll bars.
KB#10039 How to add a user to Nexus from outside of Nexus [Nexus 4.0 and higher]
KB#6879 How to edit the allowed characters when entering title and descriptions in Nexus.
KB#7796 Using a windows server with QNTC for your Nexus ECM, Presto or WebSmart applications.
KB#10154 If somebody gets one of my user's SmurfIDs, can they hijack their session?

If you have any other questions, please review all the Nexus KB articles, search our entire Knowledge Base or call technical support!