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These are the most frequently asked Presto questions.

KB#15276 Execution order of Presto events and scripts
KB#15950 Presto version 8 requires a new license key. Here is what you need to know.
KB#16024 Presto Updates History
KB#16087 Presto License Server
KB#16212 Why am I seeing a license server message when I log in to Presto?
KB#16218 What is the Presto Admin Interface?
KB#16480 Does The Presto license server count seats for all versions of Presto?
KB#16628 How To Enable the Browser's Right-Click Menu Option
KB#16719 Can I override Presto's logout function to close the browser window/tab?
KB#16956 Potential Issues and Workarounds related to iASP synchronization
KB#17076 What are the replacement values in layout.html?
KB#10442 Automating Presto's Change Management Import/Export feature via command line procedures.
KB#14880 Can I use the CTRL-ALT-P Spool File dialog on mobile?
KB#14896 Cannot Autologin more than one session (non-English IBM i).
KB#14899 Some of my Function Keys aren't positioned on the left or right, why?
KB#14969 Why does Presto recognize some of my subfiles and build tables over them, but others it doesn't?
KB#15116 I'm getting an error message when loading a screen - "Abnormal Termination: Screen data was received in the wrong order"
KB#15134 Presto Skin Editor - Supported Skins
KB#15180 Data Scrubbing - Extra characters showing up in data on the page
KB#15270 Do DDS DSPATR(ND) fields come across in the Presto HTML?
KB#15299 Can I use a Presto Designer that is at a different release level than the Presto Server?
KB#15311 Can the custom.js file get cached in the user's browser?
KB#15312 Do I have to have Nexus installed to use the Presto Auto loginAPI?
KB#15426 How does Presto's datepicker auto-detection work?
KB#15447 Printing the Presto Screen (And removing function keys from the printed page)
KB#15488 Does Presto support Spell Check?
KB#15524 (401) Unauthorized dialog in designer when using Kerberos
KB#15973 How many license seats does a Presto user take up when signed in to multiple sessions in the browser?
KB#15997 What do I do if my Table's Header's do not line up with the columns data?
KB#16009 What objects do I exclude from copying when replicating or mirroring Presto so I don't over write the product security key?
KB#16112 What do the different Timeout Settings do in Presto?
KB#16124 Why do I see the message: Warning: License Server is not running. Please start the XL_LCSRV/LICSRV subsystem.
KB#16135 Does Presto require JAVA on the IBM i?
KB#14893 I need to change some of the logic of an RPG program that our users are working with through Presto - how will this affect my customizations?
KB#7939 How can I deploy Presto to another system?
KB#8868 How do I promote my Presto development environment to production?
KB#9271 I am trying to run the Presto Designer and receiving "Get Screen Error" or "lost connection to server" messages.
KB#7594 How to specify a workstation or device name in Presto
KB#7240 How to create a new or test Presto Environment or a copy of a current Presto environment.
KB#9421 I have recently upgraded to V6R1, and now my screens in Presto are freezing up, both in the browser and the Designer. What could be happening? How can I address this?
KB#8960 How to add a library to a Presto job's library list.
KB#9734 How can I clear cache of the Presto Designer's built in browser?
KB#10311 Presto's Public API

If you have any other questions, please review all the Presto KB articles, search our entire Knowledge Base or call technical support!