ProGen Plus Frequently Asked Questions

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These are the most frequently asked ProGen Plus questions.

KB#2652 Using F1 for something other than Help. Define a new ALTHELP function key.
KB#4591 Why my position to appears not to work correctly when using descending keys.
KB#8459 Guidelines for putting information in columns 1-5 of RPG source members generated by ProGen Plus, in conjunction with *PGMR tags or other forms of user code.
KB#9534 I have a subfile program (Style A) where from the subfile I want the F12 to Exit the program just like the F3=Exit key does. How can I do this?
KB#9546 Various issues related to links between files where either within the definition, or in the generated code, it seems like there are bogus (duplicate, orphan, etc.) records in the underlying files. This task explains some variations and solutions.
KB#9668 I have some programs where I would like ProGen to skip the default validation that checks if a record has been changed by another user in the time when the first user had it open. How can I do this?
KB#9688 How can I move or copy lines in the Actions Editor from one context to another?
KB#9725 How to use Free format code within ProGen Plus
KB#9831 I need to create a shorter version or substring over a ridiculously long numeric field, and display the result in my subfile. How can I do this?
KB#9844 When I attempt to generate a ProGen Plus definition, I'm getting errors related to the key fields for my files. I can't seem to fix this in the definition directly, is there another way to get at them?
KB#10215 I have developed some ProGen code for a customer that is a ProGen customer. Now another client has need for that same code. Is it 'legal' to sell/copy that source code to another customer that is not a ProGen client?
KB#2305 Error message that GN#026K ended in error, trying to write a duplicate record.
KB#2428 Restoring a deleted or lost definition from a backup.

If you have any other questions, please review all the ProGen Plus KB articles, search our entire Knowledge Base or call technical support!