WebSmart ILE Frequently Asked Questions

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These are the most frequently asked WebSmart ILE questions.

KB#16025 WebSmart Server Side Updates History
KB#16026 WebSmart Client Side Updates History
KB#16151 WebSmart on XSS and SQL Injection
KB#16264 How to send multiple attachments and how many attachments can I send at once using sendmailex()?
KB#16317 Why am I getting errors when WebSmart tries to download the compile listing?
KB#16510 Data source name not found and no default driver specified.
KB#16755 What binding directory can I use when adding my own modules and service programs to WebSmart ILE?
KB#17018 Why are we moving from geturl() and posturl() functions to IBM's SYSTOOLS HTTP functionality?
KB#8808 When the SQL tool is open, the "Execute SQL", "Save" and "Browse" buttons are not available to click and/or the text in the program creation wizard overlaps/underlaps input boxes (9.0 and earlier).
KB#2823 What will the resource usage of WebSmart generated programs be like?
KB#2824 With Websmart, what communications layer is being used for the connection, sockets or ODBC?
KB#3108 What are Access Control Lists?
KB#3189 How can I quickly check whether my WebSmart IDE is connected to the IBM i?
KB#3190 My web pages are currently hosted on a Windows server. How can I integrate my WebSmart development with my existing web pages?
KB#3725 When you launch a WebSmart or Clover program the page is not presented in the browser. Common errors are Page Not Found, Not Authorized to View Program or error 404.
KB#4153 How to increase the page size limit sent to the browser. You need to do this if you get...Error ! The server program has attempted to write an amount of data to the browser that exceeds the page size limit. Program has ended.
KB#4327 How to add spell checking to a text box in your page.
KB#4836 What does error code PML3447 mean?
KB#5882 The difference between the QTMHHTP1 and QTMHHTTP user profiles.
KB#7006 Can I call RPG programs on another IBM i?
KB#7103 How to call a subprocedure in PML
KB#8614 How can I check to see if a particular service program is referenced by my WebSmart programs?
KB#9698 When I try to run my WebSmart ILE program in debug it skips the breakpoints and Exodus goes into MSGW.
KB#10112 You're getting an unexpected result when WebSmart's datedif function calculates how many months elapsed between two dates. How does this datedif function calculate the number of months?
KB#10147 Best practices for implementing your CSS and JavaScript
KB#10168 Can I pass a struct array created with WebSmart's crtstructarr function to a non-cgi program using a the CALL or CALLB function?
KB#10172 JavaScript events in jQuery Mobile
KB#10175 I have a WebSmart ILE program that uses a DB2 file (or files). If I change the number of fields in the file do I need to recompile the WebSmart program?
KB#10177 When I opened a WebSmart definition I received a message informing me it had been upgraded to the latest definition format. What does this mean?
KB#10189 Different types of links in jQuery Mobile
KB#10195 Styling your site for different devices and screen resolutions
KB#10323 Why am I seeing a CPF7E12 message when I run debug in ILE and hover over certain object names?
KB#10324 Difference between reflow and column-toggle tables in jQuery Mobile.
KB#10343 What is the difference between call() and callb()?
KB#10355 Will a "select" statement continue parsing "when" clauses after the first match?
KB#10359 How can I find what version of WebSmart I currently have installed?
KB#10368 Do my WebSmart Server side and WebSmart Client (PC) side have to be at the same release level?
KB#10428 Where can I find a reasonably comprehensive list of possible return values or error codes that I'd find in pgmf_lasterror and pgmf_sqlcode?
KB#10431 Checking Numeric Data Type with JavaScript
KB#10433 Delegation for multi-element jQuery event handlers
KB#10436 Common media query break points for mobile devices
KB#14885 I receive a runtime error "Receiver too small to hold value". What does this mean?
KB#14897 Files in XL_WEBSPT are taking up large amounts of space due to deleted records. Is it safe to reorganize these files?
KB#14917 Can I create a remote SQL connection to V5R3 system from a V7R1 system?
KB#15211 Where can I find information about securing my WebSmart Applications?
KB#15469 What are the maximum lengths and values of work field data types in WebSmart?
KB#15485 Why do I have to use two profiles to manage the web server - QTMHHTTP and QTMHHTP1?
KB#15823 Will WebSmart remember my custom functions and service programs after an upgrade?
KB#15939 Will older WebSmart programs still work after upgrading to version 12 with the new Web Family 2 security codes?
KB#16187 Do I need IBM DB2 Web Query to use WebSmart?
KB#6586 Why do I geta CPF3676 error: Not authorized to server specified job - PW_SRVJOB when running WebSmart in Debug mode.
KB#3428 How does WebSmart handle multi-member files?
KB#5198 I need to replace a character in a string with a space and the rplstr function in WebSmart will not accommodate this.
KB#15863 WebSmart version 12 requires a new license key. Here is what you need to know.
KB#10068 When do expired SMURFIDs get cleaned up and removed from the session file XL_WEBSPT/PW_SESSF.
KB#10071 What does the jsonencode function used in Page at a Time (Grid) do?

If you have any other questions, please review all the WebSmart ILE KB articles, search our entire Knowledge Base or call technical support!