WebSmart PHP Frequently Asked Questions

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These are the most frequently asked WebSmart PHP questions.

KB#7016 How do I create a test environment for WebSmart PHP?
KB#16869 I want to switch to Community PHP what does this mean for my existing WebSmart PHP programs?
KB#16922 PHP Framework Summary and Debugging
KB#6843 Which platforms can I host WebSmart PHP applications from?
KB#6844 Can I use existing WebSmart ILE programs with WebSmart PHP programs?
KB#6870 How is DB2400 and other databases accessed? [Internal]
KB#7321 Can I edit PHP files with WebSmart PHP?
KB#15091 Does WebSmart support password level 2 with 128 character passwords on the IBM i?
KB#15094 Is Zend Server 8.5 compatible with V6R1?
KB#7816 The script is unable to connect to the i5 database using the db2_connect() function.
KB#8010 How can I set my PHP DB2 SQL program's library list at runtime?
KB#8437 How can I use Nexus to secure a WebSmart PHP application?
KB#8829 When I launch my WebSmart PHP program the browser displays the message "Could not connect to database: 42705".
KB#9136 How can I migrate my custom WebSmart PHP function prototypes to a new WebSmart install?
KB#9567 Differences between the Zend PHP IBM i Toolkit and the EasyCom Toolkit.
KB#10304 How can I restart the ZEND subsystem?
KB#10378 Could not connect to database: Error 08001 (or 8001)
KB#10332 Passing parameters to Grid program
KB#10481 Zend Server 7 installation directory and licensed program product codes.

If you have any other questions, please review all the WebSmart PHP KB articles, search our entire Knowledge Base or call technical support!