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Error message that GN#026K ended in error, trying to write a duplicate record.

Product: ProGen Plus Type: Frequently Asked Question

You change a file using the ZCHGFFD command (or ZCHGDBF), and after you've done that and try to get back into your definition, you get the following error:

Data area GN#132 in *LIBL not found. Record already exists in subfile for file GN#026KF in library GN#LIB. GN#026K ended in error. attempts to write a duplicate record 132000..


1. Run the ZWRKPDFINT command and select option 1 (Program Definition Maintenance).

2. Find your definition then select option 9 (Work With).

3. At the list of files presented,our select GN#FKDF. In this file, delete all the keys for your primary file (though in one instance this didn't work, I had to delete just the duped key).

4. Press Enter, then F3 about 4 times. The definition should now let you back in.

5. At the main screen, press F12 once (which will take you back to the Work with Files cause the keys don't exist), then Enter to rebuild the keys. When you go into your definition, if prompted, make sure you choose the option to recover changes from previous session.

Additional Notes:
I had one occurrence where the client was trying to make the keys *LIMIT, and it could never add them to the *ENTRY parm list (even going to that other screen where you do the option to select the limit key). We resolved this by making them *USER again, then saving the definition (no need to get and compile), and then going back in and making them *LIMIT. It worked fine the second time. 

I had another case where even after going into the definition, it gave this error again, when trying to get to the keys or files. So I changed their Designer ID to go to the Work with Files screen first, with the ZWRKDSN, and that go them in, and from there Enter to the Key Field Functions worked fine.
Other error information:
Function check. RPG9001 unmonitored by GN#001X at statement *N...
Error RPG0202 caused program GN#025 to stop.
The RPG program GN#025 in library GN#LIB at statement 98500 called program GN#026K, which ended in error or was not found.

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