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Using F1 for something other than Help. Define a new ALTHELP function key.

Product: ProGen Plus Type: Frequently Asked Question

In ProGen Plus programs, F1 is defined at the shell level as the default help key. There is a way to change the F1 key so it doesn't reference help. To do this get to a command line and type ZWRKSS. This will bring you into the shells. Next find source member GN#$SCNH. Once in the source member, you should immediately see a block of code that looks like the code below.

 0007.00    A*HLL program determines validity of each  key when pressed
0008.00 A* ALTHELP(CA01)
0009.00 A CF02 CF03 CF04 CF05 CF06 CF07 CF01
0010.00 A CF08 CF09 CF10 CF11 CF12 CF13 CF14
0011.00 A CF15 CF16 CF17 CF18 CF19 CF20 CF21
0012.00 A CF22 CF23 CF24
Notice line 8 shows the help key reference to CA01. To remove this, just comment the line out with an asterisk as above. Then add the F1 key in by changing the line below (line 9) to have a CF01.
Exit the member and save.
The change above applies to RPG/400 programs; to affect the defaults for ILE, you need to change the corresponding shell member in GN#FLES as well.
*Note:   These changes will affect ALL programs compiled with these shells. To change a single program take a 10 next to your definition and make the changes and then take a 14 next to the definition to recompile.
Define a new ALTHELP default function key:
You can use the method above to define a different default function key for ProGen Help. Simply change the ALTHELP(CA01) to ALTHELP(CA24) (for F24) and change the CF24 to CF01.  

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