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What will the resource usage of WebSmart generated programs be like?

Product: WebSmart ILE Type: Frequently Asked Question

This is extracted from an email to a client who had asked this question, and was also wondering whether their focus should be on batch or interactive processing:

"Batch CPW would your main concern. As to the size of box you need, it totally depends on the volume of hits you expect to be getting during peak times, and the amount of data (including images) that your typical visitor is getting.

We have a program here that we wrote to test this, called LoadTest. What it allows you to do is specify a URL on your IBM i (corresponding to a typical page on your site), and generate X number of hits per second to that page, for X amount of time. Then you can see if your system melts down, or what happens. ;-)

A key thing to keep in mind is that web programs are stateless. That means that when someone goes to your site, there isn't a job sitting open while they're there; the IBM i will feed the page to the browser, then end the connection until they click on another link, select a button on a form, or take some other action that requires server intervention.

So you can have just a few active instances, and those will be typically be enough for dozens of visitors making requests at one time. Pending requests just get queued up."

If you have any questions about resources usage with WebSmart, please contact Technical Support!

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