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How to call a subprocedure in PML

Product: WebSmart ILE Type: Frequently Asked Question

Suppose you have a service program which exports some subprocedures, and you want to call one of those subprocedures in your PML. For example, suppose you have a subprocedure called "getprice" (exported from service program "MYSRVPGM") which accepts a product number and customer number, and returns a price. You want to call this subprocedure in the PML like this:
price = getprice(prod_num, cust_num);
Here is what you should do:
  1. In file XL_WEBLIB/PW_USRC, create a member called UINDEX if it does not already exist.
  2. We need to tell the WebSmart generator where to find the prototypes. In member UINDEX, add a line like this:
  3. We need to tell the WebSmart generator what the prototypes for the subprocedures look like. In file XL_WEBLIB/PW_USRC, create a member called USUBPROTOS. This is where you should put the prototypes of the subprocedures you wish to make available. For example (the exported subprocedure name may be case sensitive):

    D getprice PR 9P 2 extproc('GETPRICE')
    D product 7P 0 value
    D customer 7P 0 value

  4. We need to make the subprocedure 'getprice' available in the PML. In file XL_WEBLIB/PW_USRC member UPARSER, add this:

    PROT='NUM getprice(NUM &product, NUM &customer)';

  5. Add the service program or module to binding directory XL_WEBLIB/ESPTBNDD
  6. Update the generator files in the IDE. If you are at version 6.8+, go to tools >> options >> ILE >> generator files, and choose 'Download Files'.
  7. If using a service program, it will need to be in the web job's library list at run time. A convenient way to ensure this is to use a Library List Object.
For additional information, please see Chapter 9 "Extending the PML", section "Customizing PW_USRC".

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