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What does the jsonencode function used in Page at a Time (Grid) do?

Product: WebSmart ILE Type: Frequently Asked Question

The `jsonencode` function escapes any special characters that might interfere with valid JSON output and returns the resulting string.

The replacement table below shows which characters are translated to what sequence of text:

\n "\n"
\r "\r"
\ "\\"
" "\""
0x3F (SUB) ""

To read more about JSON, please see the W3Schools JSON Tutorial: http://www.w3schools.com/json/default.asp
For a more technical description of JSON, see the JSON website: http://www.json.org/


Here is an example of this function in use:

crtfld(CustAddr, 30, "A", 0, "Customer Address");
// Assign a value to customer address including a newline.
// The \n in this string is interpreted as a literal newline:
CustAddr = "1234 Fake St\nFakesville, CA";

// The output to the page (linebreak viewable in the page source) will be:
// 1234 Fake St
// Fakesville, CA

// Escape the string for JSON output
CustAddr = jsonencode(CustAddr);

// Output to page will be:
// 1234 Fake St\nFakesville, CA

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