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Different types of links in jQuery Mobile

Product: WebSmart ILE Type: Frequently Asked Question

When using jQuery Mobile, an anchor tag for creating links has a pre-defined set of behaviours added to it. You can select between different behaviours by adding the following options as a data attribute.

  • data-ajax = "true"
    This option will load the link through AJAX, which is the default option. It will load the response into the appropriate element with the data-role="page" attribute. This means any CSS styling or  JavaScript in the <head> tag will not be loaded. jQuery's "ready" event will also not be triggered, since the page is not considered "refreshed". The jQuery Mobile specific event "pageload" is triggered, which you can find more information about here. Also, the page transition will perform the animation that we set as well.
  • data-ajax = "false"
    This option will load the link's entire response through a typical HTTP Request. The page is refreshed and jQuery's "ready" event is triggered. There is still an assumption that the link is leading to a page within the domain. With the AJAX option off, the animation will not be played during the page transition by default.
  • data-rel = "external"
    This option specifies that the link is pointing to a different domain and the link will not be appended to the current domain name. The AJAX is also turned off by default.

For example, if you are trying to link to another program, such as an existing WebSmart program you've created, you should add data-ajax="false" to your link tag!

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