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Do my WebSmart Server side and WebSmart Client (PC) side have to be at the same release level?

Product: WebSmart ILE Type: Frequently Asked Question

The answer to this question is "Yes and no".  

No, you cannot reliably use an older client with a newer version of the server, and as of release 10.1 (Client side) you will get a server message informing you of that.

However, we have designed WebSmart to make it possible to use a newer client (PC side) with an older version of the server. This allows you to take advantage of some of the new IDE features without having to upgrade the server. The advantages to this is that upgrading the client is generally much simpler than upgrading the server, and you can do this without affecting other developers. 

If you do plan to use a newer client with an older server please be aware that the new default templates will reference folder paths for that newer release.  This means if you have version 9.6 on the server and install the 10.1 client on your PC, the new templates will generate code that references the v10.1 folder on the IFS and the program won't be able to find the related CSS, JavaScript or other included files. To get around this you can just alter that paths in your new program to reflect your current server version or use the Browse button on the New Program screen to browse to your older templates.


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