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WebSmart version 12 requires a new license key. Here is what you need to know.

Product: WebSmart ILE Type: Frequently Asked Question

Websmart 12 New Licence Keys 

As of WebSmart 12.0 there is a new generation of license keys that will be required to activate WebSmart. Below is some information which should prove useful.

  1. Currently WebSmart and Presto 8 are the first web family product to use the new generation of license keys, but this will change.
  2. This new WebSmart key supports, WebSmart ILE, WebSmart PHP, Clover and the RPG Editor.
  3. The other web family product Nexus, will follow suit before long. We don't have a time frame yet.



  1. When you download the latest release from myFrescheSolutions you are required to generate your new v12 key before the download will become active. You can generate your new key directly on the download page. 
  2. Your new key will be 43 characters long compared to 32 for the previous releases.
  3. After upgrading to version 12+, your current programs will continue to run under the old key until they are re-compiled using v12.
  4. If your new v12 key is not installed, you won't be able to compile a program to that release so you need not worry about the runtime component being impacted.
  5. Unlike previous releases there is no WebSmart command to view your v12 keys.
  6. The new keys are stored in the data area XL_WEBSPT/PW_407.
  7. If you wish to view your current version 12 keys use the command:  DSPDTAARA XL_WEBSPT/PW_407
  8. Any v12 key you've installed will be retained in the data area XL_WEBSPT/PW_407.  The only way to remove an old key is to edit the data area.  At this time, it is highly recommended you don't do that without calling BCD Tech support first (250-655-1766). If you corrupt your key and don't have it handy to re-install it, you risk deactivating both the development and runtime components.   
  9. Having expired or invalid keys installed (in the data area) will not impact WebSmart as along as a valid key installed as well.
  10. During the install you'll be prompted to install your key. 


 Upgrading and Moving to a new System

If you are moving to a new system and plan on upgrading to v12+ during this time, it is strongly advised that you move to the new system first,  install your v11 key and then upgrade to release 12 or higher.  The reason for this is the introduction of the new keys at release 12.0. The new keys and their associated objects use the same UNLOCK command to install the key.   If you move to the new system first, install your v11 key and then upgrade, all of your programs created prior to v12 will continue to run.  If you upgrade first and then move you put yourself in a position where programs that have not been recompiled in v12 will no longer work.  Installing the older key will not be possible with the new UNLOCK command.  We can still work around that, but you will have have to jump through some hoops to do so.  It will mean having us create and send you an object containing your key, which you will then have to restore. 

If you end up in this situation and need a hand with this, email tech support or call 250-655-1766 (7:30-5pm PT)


Multiple Systems/LPARs

If you develop on one system and have the WAS (runtime component) installed on another system or LPAR. You have to consider the following:

The WAS or Production system/LPAR has to be upgraded as well.  Previously the only requirement was to move the latest service program to the runtime system, but the new key structure requires other programs and data areas also be in place.  Once both systems are upgraded to at least v12, subsequent upgrades should then accommodate just moving the any new service programs over, as was the case previously.


Installing a Key

If you are upgrading your key the commands to install a key remain unchanged: 

  • Type UNLOCK and Enter.


Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us:

Phone 7:30-5pm (mon-fri): (250)-655-1766
Email:  support@freschesolutions.com




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