See how a non-programmer modernized IBM i green screen programs and made users' jobs easier with Presto

Watch this short video to see how TMISI added value to their wholesale distribution application by modernizing it with Presto.

Successful green-screen-to-web projects show you what's possible in IBM i application modernization and can give you great ideas for your next project. Evange Destounis, TMISI's CEO and a non-programmer, went way beyond just giving their green screens a nicer look. He also added value with faster data entry, improved navigation, better layouts and more.

TMISI improved the look and functionality of their application with:

  • Nicer screen layouts with a custom skin and tabs
  • Faster data entry with drop downs and autocompletes
  • Visual elements, including charts and maps
  • Improved navigation with clickable menus and macros to skip screens
  • Mobile-friendly layouts to access screens from iPads
Open quotes

Our Presto screens are way more than lipstick on a pig because they have added value that makes users' jobs easier. Many of the things we accomplished with Presto - like auto completes, macros and mobile-friendly layouts - could not have been done in a green screen environment"

— Evange Destounis, President & CEO, TMISI Inc.

In Evange's words, the things he likes most about Presto:

  1. The ability to introduce new functionality to COBOL programs where we have no COBOL expertise, such as dropdowns for certain fields.
  2. Adding visual elements to existing screens like maps, images, charts, etc.
  3. Adding JavaScript for validation, pre-filling fields with relevant data and making the user experience better by avoiding mistakes and reducing keystrokes.
  4. The support I received and continue to receive is above and beyond anything I can compare it to.
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