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Most Recent Knowledge Base Articles:

Task # Description Product
15884 Is there a way for a Smartclient user to have their own color scheme? Newlook
15883 After installing the X-Analysis menu does not appear. X-Analysis
15880 Why am I getting a CPA2401 when trying to initialize my application area. (unable to allocate object) X-Analysis
15879 How can I use a LIKE clause in a Presto SQL Dynamic Query? Presto
15875 Why are my single quotes not being translated correctly on an iPad ? WebSmartILE IDE
15872 How to change the size of the header in Pacific skin to accommodate larger logos Presto
15866 SSL connection with IBM OS 7.2 and above and newlook version Newlook
15865 Users are seeing the error message : Required PC program (PCO.EXE) is not active Newlook
15864 How does Newlook Server render the screens in HTML? Newlook
15863 WebSmart version 12 requires a new license key. Here is what you need to know. WebSmartILE IDE
15862 How to use the like clause in your Drop Down List or Autocomplete Data Source SQL Query. Presto
15861 Woulld like to select all members based on the last digit of their ID number, defined as 9,0. X-Subset does not give a built in way to check a single for a value. X-Analysis
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