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Most Recent Knowledge Base Articles:

Task # Description Product
15929 How to turn on logging on the DMG FastFax/QDV
15924 How to send log files to Support X-Analysis
15919 Which versions of NewLook support V6R1, V7R1, V7R2 and V7R3. Newlook
15918 Receiving a CPFB0E2 at the end of the 5.7 update FastFax/QDV
15917 Which versions of Fastfax are supported on OS400 releases V6R1 ,V7R1, V7R2 and V7R3 FastFax/QDV
15916 What is Presto Insights and how can I use it. Presto
15914 How to export a .csv containing table data Presto
15908 How to get the URL for the previous address a user comes to your site from in PML. WebSmartILE IDE
15906 How to add job scheduler entries to X-Analysis X-Analysis
15904 Upgrade considerations for those moving to Zend Server 9, and who are connecting to MySQL or MSSQL databases. WebSmart PHP
15903 How to determine what version of the X-Analysis server you are using. X-Analysis
15902 Preventing Presto from focusing on a field when a specific page is loaded Presto
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