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Most Recent Knowledge Base Articles:

Task # Description Product
16145 How to add SEATMAX and SEATCUR data areas for Seat Count Utility Presto
16144 You only see the one for the repository that has the linked repositories X-Analysis
16143 Receiving a Run-time error where the Error description is not available Newlook
16142 How can a client display their X-Analysis license key? X-Analysis
16140 How do I tell what versions of X-Analysis are installed on my system. X-Analysis
16138 If the physical file is not accessed does it show up in the Object Where Used? X-Analysis
16137 Why am I getting an invalid key for legacy products like ProGen when there has been no changes to our system? Support Library
16136 Upgrading XA server repository from 13.1.x to 13.1.05 the job crashes generating error message CPF4182 and goes into MSGW X-Analysis
16135 Does Presto require JAVA on the IBM i? Presto
16133 How can I determine the number of Presto users/license seats in use in Presto 8.2 or higher? Presto
16132 How Can I reset the Delete Prompt flag after checking Don't ask again this session while using the Spool File Viewer in Presto 8.2 or higher? Presto
16129 How to turn off responsiveness of Pacific skin and remove bootstrap padding in tables and input fields Presto
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