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Most Recent Knowledge Base Articles:

Task # Description Product
16215 Populate a field from the value of an autocomplete with different values Presto
16214 How to determine which X-Analysis versions are installed on my IBMi X-Analysis
16213 How to FTP from your PC to the IBMi using DOS X-Analysis
16211 Libraries added to PRLIBL data area are not used when running SQL in the Presto Designer Presto
16210 What are the steps to obtain a full JOBLOG relating to any X-Analysis issue I may be experiencing? X-Analysis
16209 How can I re-install the Presto License server subsystem LICSRV separately? Presto
16208 How can I change the text for a function key that has a different function on different panels? Presto
16204 Applying an X-Analysis license key X-Analysis
16203 How to use field descriptions to create a relationship when generating a data model X-Analysis
16201 After moving Catapult and Monarch to a new PC (server) Catapult rules will not export to an Excel spreadsheet and there are no error messages. Catapult
16200 Picture doesn't show when referencing a 'https' address within a PictureBox or CommandButton controls Newlook
16198 When exporting to excel from Newlook the date format is incorrect. Newlook
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