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Most Recent Knowledge Base Articles:

Task # Description Product
16092 How to debug errors relating to descriptor, PML3452 or CPE3452 - Too many open files for this process. WebSmartILE IDE
16089 How can I show the word MORE at the lower right of the subfile (gird)? Newlook
16088 Keyboard shortcuts in the WebSmart IDE WebSmartILE IDE
16086 Why is the non-program DFD called Object centered? X-Analysis
16084 How can I initialize a cross-reference library in batch with a scheduled job, instead of through XREFMENU? X-Analysis
16083 What can I do when my X-Analysis installation has failed? X-Analysis
16082 Can I write data to a file in QTEMP from within a Presto session? Presto
16081 Can't change authority level for a specific user for an ECM folder. Nexus
16079 Presto Hub jobs not ending when browser closed after Chrome update v.73.0.3683.103 Presto
16078 Getting a really long text area field on some (menu) screens Presto
16076 How to apply the original override when host application has changed a screen? Newlook
16075 How to upgrade to newlook version 10? Newlook
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